Felt pirate hooks

I previously made some felt pirate hats... blogged about here. I had some left over black felt that I knew I could use to make something piratey. Of course, immediately, eye patches came to mind. But how fun would it be running around with one eye covered? Not to fun I imagine. So... the next best thing? Pirate hooks.These were super easy to make. Here is a square of felt that I cut to make into a pirate hat. See the long center piece? Thats the scrap piece of felt I used to make each pirate hook. One square of black felt yielded one pirate hat and one pirate hook.... not to shabby for .25¢! Here is a tutorial on how I made the pirate hooks if anyone is interested.
I folded each scrap pieces of felt in half, stitching down the center with about a 1/4 inch seam allowance... Next, I opened up each one and stitched two together to make the cuff of each hook. By stitching the center seam on each scrap, when you turn it inside out it gives it a nice puffy appearance to each pirate hook. The pointy bit at the bottom of this picture will be where you will be adding the hook. Do not cut this opening to big, start by cutting away just tiny bits until you get the right size opening.
Next, I used the plastic from a two liter bottle to create the hooks for each pirate hook. I cut the top and bottom off of each bottle, then I cut the middle section in half taping the two together using double sided sticky tape. So, your left with two pieces of rounded plastic stuck together. Next, I drew with a sharpie marking each hook I needed to cut out. You can get four to five hooks out of each two liter bottle depending on how wide you make each hook. Once each hook shape was cut out, I used masking tape and taped the plastic to a wooden handle. (all craft stores have these) Then I simply hand stitched some gray felt covering the plastic hook and tape.The final step is to hot glue the gray hook to the black cuff. The stitching will be on the inside of each hook. You need to cut an opening in the small pointy side to slide the hook into the black cuff. Slide the hook through until it looks like the hook at the bottom of this next photo. Using a generous amount of hot glue (where the gray felt meets the wooden stick) glue down the black felt. Once the glue has time to cool and set up, peel the black cuff part of the hook down.... seams inside remember.... and taaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaa PIRATE HOOKS!...Before you know it you've got yourself a bunch of pirate hooks!
Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgh! Easy-peasy! I've linked up to "Very Merry Vintage Style" linky love post. Also, I've linked up to Seven thirty three's "What are little boys made of" linky.


Mona @ la la by mona said...

How stinkin' cute is that?!!! Thanks for sharing!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

How wonderfully creative you are! Just amazing. These are cleaver indeed. Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving such a nice message, hope to see you again. Have a great day.

very merry vintage style said...

These are so cute. What a great idea for a birthday party theme! Thanks so much for linking up to my Share the Love Wednesday link party!