Cottage Door

The barbie house I've been working on has two arched doorways on both sides just screaming for Cottage doors. So I obliged. I used two pieces of cardboard to make each door. After cutting the cardboard to fit each opening, I glued tissue paper onto the cardboard to give it some texture. I then coated the tissue paper with a generous amount of Mod Podge and ran the pointy side of a paint brush down the length of the door to create the look of wood planks.Once that was dry, I glued some plastic from a soda bottle to act as the glass in the doors window. I also glued a long piece of fabric to one side of the door, this is going to be the hinge. I glued the two pieces of the cardboard doors together, sandwiching in the plastic window and the fabric hinge. I painted the doors with a dark brown acrylic paint and highlighted the texture of the doors using some lighter paint which I applied with my finger. I used metal tape adhered to card stock to create some added metal work detail to the doors. For the doorknob, I used two pony beads and ran a piece of pipe cleaner through the cardboard-- and using hot glue attached the beads. I covered the open ends of the pony beads with paper clay to give it a more finished look. A little bit of gray paint and that finished it up nicely.I also added some greenery and small roses around the arch of the doorways.....
Here it is all finished~


  1. You are so creative! I can't believe how great that turned out.

  2. Wow, that looks fabulous! We created a kitty playhouse out of cardboard this week-end. It turned out great! Now, just to kitty to play in it...

  3. Oh thanks so much Cheryl seriously I had no clue and no never saw one like this before just the plastic ones.I am not that young 3 yrs from 50 outside but very young inside lol

  4. love love love this!! i want my future house to look like your barbie house is looking!! :)


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