Outdoor antique fair

My husband and I went to an outdoor street antique sale in the next town over... I bought this fabulous round bird cage that my husband spotted for me. It was only $40. I'll add some crochet pieces to this bird cage when I have some free time.I also bought this huge lot of silverware...and this tray full off odds & ends of jewelry for only $5.While yard sailing I picked up some small treasures.... tiny dominoes, a hammered aluminum tray, a silver flower vase, bronzed baby shoes and some linen with beautiful crocheted edges. I've got a lot of works in progress that I hope to be finishing up soon to share. I've been enjoying the cooler temperatures and spending a lot of time sitting on my new outdoor swing.... life is good~
A big thank you for all the encouraging words about my Etsy store. I've already sold three things out of four. *big grin* NOW, I'm having fun! lol


  1. Holy Cow! I wish I could have been at that sale!!! I totally would have stolen that birdcage and all that jewelry from you! No, seriously, there would have been a fight. I need to go saling where you are or I am going to have to get a whole lot more innovative with what we are offered here...LOL

  2. Woa Cheryl, you really scored big time :)

    Sandy xox

  3. Great finds! I also love that birdcage. Can't wait to see what you do with your "stuff."

  4. LOVE the birdcages! I have a collection myself :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOVE the goodies Cheryl! Great finds. That bird cages is awesome! Riki

  6. Hi Cheryl !!Very nice blog!!!!
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  7. wow you really did great at that sale.. i would have loved to find that silverware.. whoo hoo im sure you will be creating lots of beautiful things.. have a great week.. big ladybug hugs
    p.s. love the birdcage.. and the pink really made it stand out..

  8. Such wonderful finds! I LOVE the birdhouse!


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