Tarnished Crown

I bought this fabulous gold crown a few weeks ago at a yard sale for only $1. It had been broken and reglued rather crudely back together. The gal I purchased it from told me she originally bought it for $70 dollars.... *insert smile here* There was a few small chunks missing on the crown and a lot of glue which had dried in blobs.... Obviously not fixed by a crafty person ;-P I easily filled in the missing areas using paper clay. I used a sharp blade to cut off the glue blobs... In this photo below you can see some of the dried paper clay.I decided to spray paint the crown silver and then tarnish it. My etsy store is "The Tarnished Crown" After the silver spray paint dried, I used a watered wash of black paint to tarnish the crown.I adore it.... right now I have the crown in my throne room--- a.k.a. the bathroom :-)


  1. love it! Cheryl.. always fixing something up into something special!!
    have a great weekend!

  2. Cheryl, I love it silver. So pretty!


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