Best Yard Sale

ev-er. With the nicer-warmer weather comes nicer- more fabulous yard sales. I had planned to go to three, I had the addresses all lined up so I could hit them in order.... but.... the first yard sale I hit took all my time, and most of my money :-) I spent $55.00..... *gasp* but I got 5 boxes over flowing with treasures. Seriously, I was having palpitations. Look at all this! Face molds, 50 yards of wire edged ribbon, circle cutter, magnifier, stencil brushes, glitter, 2 packages of tags, an old spindle...Some shiny blingie jewelry...
Paper punches, scissors, wire, pins, pens and fabric cutters & blades.....
Books, quilting & miniature quilt magazines, stencils and alphabet stickers... An embossing light box with all the supplies! Brass stencils, chalk, stampers, embossing tools, chalk erasers..... all new still in the packages... I've always wanted to try embossing paper...Barbies, Kellies and babies too! That old skipper doll is so going on etsy.
Quilters plastic sewing thingies... Santa ornament kit, a kaboodle filled with sequins and other fabulous treasures...
A brand new kit for making your own rubber stamps. All the pieces are there EXCEPT the instructions! I wrote to the company asking for help :-) There is the original kit -plus an extra larger set to make bigger stamps with.
Some seashells... I always buy seashells when I come across them. I picked up three Shel Silverstein books. A box full of scotch tape, floss and cross stitch fabric.... A beautiful Cross and a book of daily affirmations :-)
More jewelry...A collection of thimbles...Some miniatures for the Barbie house...Lastly, some sterling silver jewelry...
Just four of those carded charms totaled over $60.00. (each one they had bought for $15.00)
There is a lot more.... but those are the highlights from the best yard sale ev-ah~
Oh... and the guy running it told me in a few weeks he was going to be having another one. Shout out to: Diannia, Faye, Sandra and Patricia--- I am not telling you where its located. *wink*


  1. WOW!! Awesome haul!!!
    Have fun playing with al your new goodies!

  2. Wow!!!! what a haul! I wish garage sale season was here for me ..but I have a few more weeks to go!great stuff..I love the make it yourself stamps! and the jewelry is awesome!

  3. WOW you did GOOD! Great stamping stuff.
    Lots of BLING too.

  4. wow! man did you hit a jackpot! Lucky you!!!
    have fun with it all!

  5. wow! you lucky duck. that was an AWESOME haul!!!

  6. wow! you lucky duck. that was an AWESOME haul!!!

  7. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your purchases in the garage. I love Barbie dolls with the baby Krysy and Shelly. I'm looking forward to seeing you create with the purchases. Keep in touch

  8. Goodness, that was the best garage sale ever. I enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful goodies you found. (I used to have that Skipper! ;)).

  9. Wholly Cow did you ever score!!
    Nicely done my friend.

  10. Wow! Our sales are always so overpriced - I can't believe you got all that stuff. Have fun with it!

  11. Wow! You did hit the jack pot! I would have settled for just the bling.

  12. I am agog at all you bought at the garage sale. Many things there to keep you busy. Thanks or popping by my blog and leaving me a message, good to meet new bloggers.
    Lisa x


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