Since the weather has been so nice I've really been burning the candle at both ends out in my yard.I see my neighbors leisurely walking their dogs around the neighborhood while I am covered in dirt and muck. Some are even nice enough to pick up after their dogs go poop on our lawn..... no worries though-- hubby will just mow over it if you don't. I know right?The big count down has begun until this years pirate parties....78 days and counting.... I have visions of piratey things in everything I do and see... long straight branches cut off of one of 8 trees we are cutting down look like something I might turn into something.... maybe some swords?All fabric starts taking on the shape of ships sails and pirate bunting...
I have no time for e-mails and howdie-doos... I'm a BUSY girl I tell you! A quick bite to eat....Then a quick shower....Then bed..... I SAID "I had a headache"......Ohhhhhhhhhhh I'm getting to old for this...Big hugs to my buddy Jennie for all the funny pictures--- she sends me the bestest e-mails :-)


  1. Good chuckle with this...the candles are hysterical...
    Happy Sunday.

  2. LOL...haven't seen anything like them before! At first I thought you had made them!

  3. Great pics! I thought of you this weekend at the quilt show! I found lots of goodies to buy!!!


  4. Love this post... I laughed so hard! Thank you for sharing it :)

  5. Love this post... I laughed so hard! Thank you for sharing it :)


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