Draw String bags

Last Wednesday I bought a dark tan sheet from my favorite thrift store, for only $2.00...with the soul purpose of making it into small draw string bags. I made a skull and cross bone stencil while the sheet was being washed~Fresh from the laundry, I cut & ironed & stitched & then stenciled the first image onto each bag. The next day I stenciled the second, (black) image to finish up each skull and cross bone on each bag. It was only after I finished with sewing them together and stenciling on them that I realized I had made 54 pirate draw string bags. No wonder it was taking me for.ever to get it finished! I am still needing to flip each bag inside out and stitch the two corners so each bag has a flat bottom to them. I am also going to be adding twine to each bag to be used as the draw string instead of the black ribbon... all that will be done another day! :-P
I am anxious to turn those spray painted rocks into something fabulous... stay tuned me hearties~


  1. Hey there cutie! I love the bags! I bet I know where you got the jute to use for the drawstrings! I have a wonderful time sailing with you on Saturday...


  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on the bags. They are very original. We remain in contact blog to blog.


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