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I've been really cranking out the ol' spoon necklaces recently. I made these two for my mother. The brass circle with the photo inside it is my mother when she was a toddler. These sugar shell spoons are my favorite spoons, I love the shape of them!Boxed up and ready to go...I also made a large spoon with the letter "M" that hangs on a polka dot bag. I made two Hello Kitty spoons for my grandaughter. The large one she can hang on her back pack when she starts pre-school next year. The smaller spoon necklace is made out of a small souvenir spoon. The little Hello Kitty face I pulled off a pair of shoes she wore when she was just two years old.... ahhhhh. Here is my grandaughter at her art table with my cat Pee Wee. She is all about Hello Kitty right now.... paper, pencils, stickers... the works. They don't have "tea parties" they have art workshops! The rest of these are up for grabs $10 each if anyone is interested, each one comes with a ball chain for instant wearing. I've got Cross Necklaces...This one is fabulous... a dragon!For the painter...Cross pendant with a faceted ruby red stone at the top...Spring time flowers :-)A celtic cross with vintage repurposed jewelry...I just realized today that the new added page to my blog is one of those "stand alone pages" where you can't add new posts too--- I was under the impression that I could add new "posts" to it just like a blog... but noooooooo, so I've had to scratch that idea.... I'm back to listing things on etsy :-P


  1. They are all gorgeous, but I have to say that the first one, the one with your mum's picture, is my favourite.

  2. These are stunning. The two Hello Kitty spoons are so sweet and will be a keepsake for your granddaughter for years to come. Very nice!! Love the bling.

  3. oh my gosh they are beautiful, from spoons , thats amazing!
    you got a sweetie of a grand daughter,

  4. WOW Cheryl!!!!! The piece you made with your mom's photo when she was a little girl is just absolutely precious! A real treasure and it should be published. Just love it. All of your work is fabulous!

  5. HI, Cheryl,

    Thanks for coming by the Marmelade Gypsy and my post on the Whitney! It was nice to "see" you.

    And it was extra nice to see these fabulous necklaces -- each one is a treasure! I look forward to digging a bit deeper into your blog!

  6. Hello from Spain: Your granddaughter will be delighted with their Hello Kitty pendant. I love everything about this doll. In Spain it is fashionable. Keep in touch.


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