Keeping busy...

inside during this past week of rainy weather. It had gotten up into the 80's-- I was outdoors every day, it was LOVELY! Then a storm came in... and I had to come in... nuts. While hitting up some thrift stores, I purchased a bag of new foam insulator sleeves for soda cans, 30 for $3.00. I figured I could repurpose them into something.... I covered each one with a piece of burlap and then stenciled a skull onto each one.... that was fun. Next, I made a bunch of tags to be used on some party loot bags... I used laminate sample pieces as the base of each tag. I bought a decorators sample stash for $1.00 a while back. I covered each one with different map pieces and then I distressed the edges. I made over 50~Once that was all finished, I had nothing else to work on... so I went back and added a shiny piece of bling to each one. I drew and cut out (in the garage) another party prop... this one is "Jake" from the cartoon "Jake and the Never land Pirates" He has one coat of paint so far.... but...The weatherman said the rain is stopping and the sun is coming out tomorrow... just in time for weekend yard sales . *woot-woot*


  1. youre soooo full of creative ideas! love those pirate can holders!

  2. Fabby ideas!!! Isn't it so much fun making them, rather than buying them?

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my estate finds. No, I'm not going to paint the nightstands for now. They're perfect in Mary's room just as they are. : ) But, never say never!

  3. Great repurpose idea! I know I missed something - Are you having a pirate party for someone?:D
    Thanks for stopping by. That little redheaded cherub is my granddaughter.:-D

  4. Next it rains there, please come to my house. You are soooo creative. Thanks for sharing your rainy day. Hugs, Ginger


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