New Store Grand Opening

Pirate store that is.... The long awaited and anticipated "Chloe's Unique Pirate Boutique" is now open! Here it is in all its splendor... Watch your head as you enter as you'll get a playful whack on your noggin from the pirate kitty "Pee-Wee."The shelves are somewhat bare at the moment.... There is some looting... and pilfering... that will need to be done... before the store is completely stocked...For now we have some fairies in cages, cars, various pieces of jewelry and the like.... Feel free to look around...There are chairs and a table next to the cash register... for those who bring there peg leg husbands. They can sit and rest while us pirate girls go shopping...There is a counter built into the store front which holds some odds and ends...Next year this will be the site of "Chloe's Hot Dog Cantina"... her Nana contractor is pooped presently, so thats been put off until next year.The fabric awning adds just the right touch to this pirate store.... Close by to Chloe's pirate store is a very popular fishing hole, soon to be fully stocked with fish...Some plants in pots and buckets along with a tee kee torch for added pirate ambiance...I used the bird bath I picked up a few weeks ago to hold some sea shells. I placed burlap over some brick I placed in the center of the bird bath so I wouldn't have to use that many shells. I'll fill this up completely when I come across my other shells. This pirate store was built on the sloped part of the RV pad we have in our backyard.... it was totally unusable space... until now. Bring on the shopping! Stay tuned for the up and coming grand opening of the "Lick and Stick Tattoo Parlor!"
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  1. Oh my word !!! You do all this for your Grands !?! They will love it all and love Pee Wee joining in also. :-D You really did good!
    Thanks for stopping by. That was my organized mess - you would not want to see my table right now. :-D
    Enjoy your evening.

  2. Now this is my kinda project. What a wonderful thing to do for your grands. They will remember that pirate store always.
    Thanks for popping by. Hope the sun is shining on you and your little treasures..AAARRRR

  3. I love all of the pirate stuff - how much fun! What a magical place for your grands - they are very lucky!


  4. You have things going in the right direction. I love your little shop and wish you well with it.

  5. Ohhhh I wanna shop ! Just love everything. Happy Pink Saturday.

  6. That is gorgeous...what a wonderful place to build dreams,

  7. Fantastic!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  8. Oh so pretty! I am now your follower.

    Hope you'd come and link with me in my Color Connection meme through my PINK entry.

  9. i love it, just awesome.

    Pink Blooms, have a blessed Sunday!


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