I had a very fun Memorial day weekend, I spent it sailing of course. There was another mile long block sale this past weekend, and in the next town over an outdoor Peddlers market. I picked up some really beautiful pieces of jewelry... super-super cheap.Loving the pink abalone shell necklace and matching earrings...Some fun vintage pieces....Loads of earrings....A HUGE box of jewelry for $5... after going through it and picking out what I wanted to keep.... The rest will be used to fill up bottles for some pirate loot.I also picked up this five pound box of water slide decals. yes, I weighed it. About four pounds of it will be for sale in my etsy store at the end of June. The gal I bought them from told me that they were very old stickers... and "They don't stick anymore, so you'll have to cut them out and glue them like I did." *I didn't even laugh*.... but I did talk her down from $5 to $3 since they didn't stick anymore. I also managed to find some silver plated spoons. Most vendors ask a dollar a piece for spoons, I talked a vendor down to selling them to me for .30¢ each-- score! no... it wasn't the water slide decal/sticker dummy either.All in all a very good weekend.


  1. You sure got some good stuff!!! Probably the waterslide decal lady was too young to know what they are. I love your bottles of Pirate Loot!

  2. Looks like you did well at the sales, especially with the "bling". No sales for me this weekend, as out of town. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oooo sparkly things! Wish I were shopping with you this weekend. I'm catching up on chores. Bah ~

    Give me a visit some time at

  4. Oh now that's too funny! The stickers didn't stick anymore. lol
    I would love to run across a five lb box of them, I use waterslide decals on my kiln-fired items all the time, of course they have to be for high-temps but still even if they're weren't for that it would still be great to have them for wood and other what-nots.


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