Even though its hotter than heck lately, I've been plodding along hitting some yard sales when I see them. I found this fabulous tiny-little foot locker that measures in at only 6" tall and 10 1/2" across. This little beauty with the skeleton key lock, set me back one whole bucker-rooo. The lock was sticking so they unscrewed it to see what was inside... I picked up some jewelry too--- slim pickings, but I never pass up religious pieces. I spotted a bag of pearl beads in a zip lock bag for .50¢ I was needing some "white" faux pearls for a piece of jewelry that was missing a few pearls and was to cute to just toss out. Well... I opened the bag when I got home... and WOWZERS.Real cultured pearls. *gasp* FIFTY CENTS??? I have eight carded pearls, that show the size & color & value of each pearl. I added up the estimated value off of each card and that alone totaled $237.00. In the zip lock bag there was another smaller bag filled with nine loose pearls. Those ranged in sizes of about 7.0 to 6.5 so each one could have a value of anywhere from $25 to $45. (I used to be into pearls big time) Oh my goodness.... that right there fuels the yard sale fires.


  1. Wow! Your really did good !! Were the necklaces in the chest?
    Makes me wish I went sailing today in the heat.
    Enjoy your weekend and stay cool.

  2. Oh, my gosh, those pearls!!!

  3. Oh my! Love those pearls! What a great find! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Have a great weak!

  4. These are the things that fuel me!!
    You inspired me today, thank you!!

  5. OH my goodness! What a major find! That will motivate me to keep on hunting...Not that I needed another motivator. ;)

  6. The pearls are amazing. Great find!


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