Ooh La La

This past weekend was all about quality not quantity. I found one loving cup trophy....A few pieces of jewelry.....Oh... and 34 old-brass, metal and aluminum door knobs.... Ok-ok-ok, some would say those are not "quality" but, I got them in quantity!!!Ooh la la~


  1. What are you going to do with those knobs....Hmmm? I will be waiting. I recently aquired some door plates of similar quality LOL
    Keep smiling and creating

  2. No treasure hunting for me this weekend. Other things going on, then Labor day was quiet. Will send you a note on the image source later - my coffee is having problems kicking in this morning.

  3. Wow, what finds, eh? I just don't have the time to go do "treasure" hunts of late. With the grandbaby with me 4 days and nights a week. But I am quite inspired by seeing your entry here.
    Thanks again for stopping by and giving me a shout!
    Take care

  4. I imagine you have a brilliant idea for putting those doorknobs to good use. :) Have a great week. Tammy

  5. My eyes lit up when I saw the kilt pins! Senior in year in high school I made this kilt, inspired by a look I saw in Seventeen magazine. A black and yellow plaid with black tights and black turtleneck. And of course, the large safety pin in hold it together in front! Beautiful trophy and love all the many rusted doorknobs! Good finds!


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