Change of Weather...

Today is the first day that I actually believe the weather man when he says that the long hot days of summer are behind us. To celebrate the coming of Halloween, and the cooler temperatures *woot-woot* I made this little magpie fairy wearing a witches hat sitting in a wire shoe~
 She is trying her best to be spooky looking, but just comes off as precious :-) She sits upon a bed of moss surrounded by pearls, flowers, leaves, bits of vintage lace, vintage sequins... and a little broom.
 The little fairy is actually my husbands great grandmother. I can see a slight resemblance to my grand daughter in her little face......

I love to pull her out and use her in my art.


  1. How cute !! I like the use of the butterfly wings.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. love her! how sweet she is!
    have a great weekend Cheryl, I'm off to spend mine with a few girlfriends at a cottage crafting and chatting away the weekend!

  3. She is very sweet! You make great treasures!

  4. What a great Halloween ornament! I love the wire shoe and the little cutie is just too precious.

  5. Hi, Cheryl... it's been awhile since I've commented. So sorry! I've been busy with so many projects and will post them soon. However, I'm so glad to be back to see you. I adore that photo of your husband's great grandmother. Lucky you to have that in your possession. And how you took that and made such a charming halloween decoration is just the best!!

  6. The precious combined with the spooky is what makes it work! I do like the butterfly wings for the fairy wings. Nice dimension and color!


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