Weekend Treasure hunt

It was a fun treasure filled weekend for me... I bought a $3 bag of jewelry with this well loved old pocket watch in the bag. I love the watch fob... a.k.a. dirty old twine. It is missing the hinged lid and a watch hand, but I imagine behind that watch face it is loaded with gear that I can repurpose into some fun jewelry....

In the bag were a few more watches and odds and ends of fun pieces I can play with.

These are the dregs that I don't want from the $3 bag.

I have four gals that regularly look for jewelry for me. One gal in particular always puts aside a lot of old watches for me....
and beautiful rhinestone pieces...

and some fun junky pieces too. Her prices range from outrageously expensive, to practically free depending on her mood. I caught her in a good mood recently! Breaking it down, everything-- including the watches came to .50¢ each. *score!*

Another gal knows my love of Holy Crosses and religious medals and when she comes across them she saves them for me....
 One gal I know and buy things from always lets me have first dibs on everything she finds. How nice is that? She knows anything with a smidge of bling I'd be interested in.... she always gives me good deals. *she knows I'm cheap*
 I make a lot of "friends" when I go treasure hunting. I think that is how I get things so cheap. Like this pile of old photos for $1.....
 The very best deal of this weekend was this beaut. What would you have paid for this old folding laundry basket?.... These range in price from $100 to $200.... would you believe I only paid $10.00 for it?
I also spent a few hours this weekend enjoying some warm weather while working in my backyard.... Here is "Puss-Puss" hanging out with a buddy....
Pee-Wee loves to play around the pirate ship...
Chumley likes to pretend he is the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz... he looks so tough and he will hiss and growl at you if you look at him. But if you pick him up and give him hugs--- then he is a drooling, breading, purring, sap of a cat.
big hugs,


  1. Nice finds - especially if it averaged at about 50 cts. each. Looks like the furbabies are enjoying being outside.

  2. Hello from Spain, i like very much your purchases. Your cat is very cute. Keep in touch

  3. Wow Cheryl, you really scored with that laundry basket!!! so cool. Love all your new jewelry pieces and the prices were great. Linda


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