Antique Show & Sale

I have been keeping myself busy making a lot of new shrine necklaces to sell this weekend at an antique swap meet I've got a sellers space at.

 I've got a lot of vintage and antique things already boxed up for sale... and thought I'd try selling some of the shrine necklaces to see if there is any interest in them.

 You just never know what people are interested in buying at those events...

I personally never know what I'm wanting to buy until I see it!
These most recent spoon shrines are a smaller version of the ones I normally make-- the smaller shrines are going to be sold for $5.00 each and the larger ones I am still going to be asking $10.00 for.

There are so many high priced things at antique sales, you want something so badly--- and the price tags make you set it down and walk away quickly--- or kick yourself for not buying it when you've seen the very same thing at a yard sale for a few bucks!

 I figure these will move fast just because people like to buy something/anything---- and five to ten bucks is doable in my opinion.

I also have a lot of things I've made that I'm going to be selling for under $5.00. I've got every one covered from the super rich to the "I'm wanting something but I've got no money" buyers..... something for every price range *wink*

Now comes the tedious part of putting all of these onto chains and onto cards and bagging them up for sale. It's getting down to the wire, Saturday is fast approaching-- eeek!
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  1. All your items look lovely. Have fun at the sale, I'm sure you'll do wonderful in the sales department.

  2. Hello from Spain: I like your creations. The pendant with the image of the Virgin I love. You're very talented. Keep in touch

  3. Love the pendants! Hope you sell them all !!
    Enjoy your evening.

  4. These are all so lovely. Good Luck with you sales. The craft fairs are fun but a stressful cloud comes over me at some point in getting it all priced and packed up. Have fun.

  5. You are very talented! I love all of your darling spoon pendants.
    Thanks for sharing. dix---

  6. beautiful stuff Cheryl! good luck on saturday!

  7. Good luck. I hope you have a wonderful sale.

  8. I love these do you have a tutorial or an etsy account?


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