Fabric Party Bags

I whipped up some super easy pirate party loot bags using some left over painters tarp that I had....

 I simply made a starting cut and then ripped down the length of the fabric to create frayed edges. I made them rather large as I knew they were going to be stuffed to the top with fun things from our pirate party. I think they were something like 12" deep by 10" round...

They were fast and easy to make. I just sandwiched some grograin ribbon in between the fabric so it would be caught in the side seam stitches....
Once that seam was sewn, I pulled the finished seam I just stitched so that it was centered in the back and then stitched across the bottom....
I then pulled the bag bottom open so that I could stitch the corners so that the bags stayed open when they were set down. I made a template out of cardboard to mark each corner...
The tops of the bags are frayed and oh so cute~ Here is the front,
and the back....
and all tied up~ As each guest arrived they were given a sharpie to write their name on a bag... when they returned the sharpie they were given a ticket to get them started on winning prizes. Nothing more stressful than a small child with a sharpie! Everyone returned the sharpie they had used--- super fast... worked like a charm.
Everyone is pooped.... pirate party pictures coming soon... I have 167 to go through! 
big hugs,


  1. The loot bags are so cute! My nephew had a pirate theme birthday a couple of years ago. We made treasure maps and the kids went on a little scavenger hunt. Pirates is such a great theme!

  2. How very sweet! So much nicer than paper.. as if I needed to say that! I can even imagine doing a transfer image on those. Love your creativity, Cheryl!!

  3. I like projects like that! Can't wait to see the pirate pictures!

  4. Hello from Spain: Your bags are very original and beautiful. Pirates are always a great fun theme. The guests have to find the treasure. Keep in touch

  5. Cute bags! Looks simple enough but for someone who doesn't sew, like me -- sounds awfully difficult! :/

    Cats really can sleep just about any where in any positions. :)

    Have a great weekend. Tammy


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