Miniature Treasures

I spotted a bag of "who knows what" behind the cash registers at one of the thrift stores I went to recently. I asked about it and was told it had empty boxes in it and some other junk..... Junk? Well by all means, let me see it, I love junk. Firstly, the price tag was $30.00... for junk? hmmmmm.....

 I turned the bag around and saw that it was full of miniatures! Well, if you have ever purchased miniatures you know how expensive they can be. I bought the bag, I just HAD to have them!

Upon closer inspection of all the items, it seems like these would make a great store display in miniature.

 There are miniature baskets, fruit, dishes, pots & pans, tea kettles, bottles, cans of food, clocks, silverware and more...

 Boxes of items still wrapped in the original packaging...
There are tools....

 bolts of fabric and small chairs...

Gum ball machines & jars of candy...
and four wooden store display shelves that are going to be so much fun to stock with all this merchandise.
 What a great bag of "junk." But wait, I found even more miniatures at a yard sale for a couple of bucks. Some of the highlights are two dress forms, cookies, dishes, silverware and even a miniature pirate chest!
 I was on a miniature roll! All that was missing was a doll house..... you know it... I found one! A cute as can be little doll house for only $7.00.
 The front of the dollhouse swings open to reveal the inside rooms. I am going to make-over this little house very much like the Barbie house I renovated. I see wooden floors, lace curtains & wall paper in this house's future!
It is going to be fun to transform this little house into something that my grand daughter and I can play with together.
big hugs,


  1. You did get a great deal. Yes - miniatures can really get pricey.
    Have a great week.

  2. Bonanza!!! What cool little treasures you found - at a deal... :-)

  3. I look forward to seeing what you do with these mini treasures. Your new dollhouse is so cute! And for $7! Wow!

  4. Wouldn't you just love to know the story behind such a large collection of miniatures.. especially in such mint condition? Way to spy the goodies behind the counter!

  5. You got some real treasures there!! What a find and yes, I would say they all would add up to a wonderful general store!! Happy mini-ing!! The dollhouse has so very much potential for sure! Blessings, Linda


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