birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
What a super fun start to my birthday! Yesterday I found 9 tiki at a yard sale for only $25.00. Say what? Say "mine!" I am so delighted to be adding these beauties to my pirate back~yaarrd! Of course, now I am going to be making a "Tiki Store" to add to my back yard! ....big plans, big plans...
 I also picked up a large pedestal and a lot of wooden boxes as well as two wall sconces with tropical greenery stuck to them. I have big plans for those wall scones! Stay tuned!
 I also found a bunch of doo--dads to add as filler to my yard. My hubby surprised me by buying the large wooden black face mask--- it cracks me up..... its like its sayin'... "what?"... hmmm come to think of it it looks like my husband when I haul something home and he just doesn't see what I see in something~
 I couldn't resist this little fellow below. I am also adding a few oriental things to my yard along with pirate and tiki items. I think this is going to get a coat of gold paint to make it really pop in the yard...
A pirate has got to have his/her rope right? This huge spool of thick white rope I picked up awhile back for only $10.00....*score* I have no clue what I'm going to do with it! yet....  I do have a lot of pulleys, so I may just add the rope to the pulleys and run the rope every which way...
Lastly, another treasure that I found for only $5.00... a Butterscotch Pony. Here is a photo of it on display at a store. The one I bought is in rough shape and is camera shy at the moment. (ok, I didn't want to haul it out of the garage to take its picture!) My Pony is missing both of its ears and the tail fell off on the ride home--- none the less. Its adorable! I can make new ears and I certainly can put the tail back on! I would be over the moon if it worked, but I doubt it does.... Once I add its missing appendages, I was thinking of making it look like a pack mule with some small barrels and maybe a small treasure chest strapped to its back! Caute! I was looking up the pony online to get some information about it, they have a few right now on Amazon if anyone is interested in purchasing one..... They are priced currently at $999.99.... *gasp*

 At that price, it better come with a pink slip! What a fabulous start to my birthday month!
big hugs,


  1. Happy Birthday! You had some wonderful finds -- a good start indeed!

  2. hi! happy birtdhay...
    I love your blog!!!!
    I have a question can you share how do you make the legs that you show in the shabby chic bedroom please? the date is 1/6/12 I realy want to try but i don't have a idea :)
    thanks a lot and congratulations for you wonderful art :)

  3. Hi Cheryl! Happy Happy Birthday month. This is Jennifer the lady you bought the tiki statues and the butterscotch pony from. I cant wait to see pics of what you've done with all your little goodies! One mans junk is truly another mans treasures. Nice meeting you and enjoy your birthday month!!!


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