Oh the Insanity!

It seems like all I do is search for things for my pirate back yard.... its getting out of control! Everything I see I mull over in my head, "Hmmm is that something I could stick in my pirate yard?"... often times the answer is, "YES" and home it comes..... eiy-eiy-eiy. A $20.00 wooden wagon?  A little brown paint and a little distressing... and it is a pirate wagon! Can you in-vision it loaded with boxes and a few treasure chests.... I sure can!

Some glass bottles and odds and ends of pirate things... Nothing over a dollar....

I also scored two oak barrels for only $10.00 each, and the solid wooden soon to be shelving unit for the pirate bar for only $5.00. It is my plan to create a bar with the two barrels at either end of it.. I've already picked out a name for the bar... "The Barnacle Bar" Wouldn't you know it? Today I bought a bag full of pinkish barnacles for $1.00.... crazy!

I also bought some Black Bamboo and finally got it planted in the back yard, after many days of online research about planting. I found an ad for bamboo on Craigslist and I ended up buying two 15 gallon containers of it. *Hello David--- thanks for the lovely Bamboo!* This entire area is newly created. I am pulling up red pavers and replacing them with cement retaining stones...
Both pots of bamboo only cost $15--- if you have ever priced bamboo, you know this is a fabulous price! Here is a picture looking right, a hot mess! but soon to be a glorious addition to the pirate yaarrrrd!

I have one more bamboo plant I am wanting to divide before putting pieces of it in my lagoon area. Here is some of the bamboo turning black. The long black bamboo is stunning, and I think it really is going to show up well in front of the redwood stained fence.
One of the many antique/junk dealers we regularly see on the weekend always keeps us in mind when he is in search of things to resell. This weekend he had these two wooden tiki masks.... it was love at first sight. Of course I did have to haggle the price, but all in all it was a happy purchase for only $30.00 for the two. The larger one is 31 inches high...

the smaller one is 24 inches....
Nine lanterns $1.00 each...
Oh the insanity of it all!
big hugs,


  1. Cool finds! I can totally see this coming together. I hope the bamboo doesn't take over. :-)

  2. I love all your piratey goodies! You'll be able to open your yard for tours pretty soon! LOL!
    have a great week Cheryl

  3. I love the idea for a pirate backyard! You've found some really great stuff. I have a pirate corner in my kitchen...with a large framed vintage poster of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. It looks pretty cool! I once did all my flower beds as "Hobbit Gardens" making everything child size. Yo Ho, Yo Ho...a creative life for me! =D

  4. Looking forward to seeing the end result. Hope the bamboo is not the invasive kind.

  5. Hello from Spain: your yard is fabulous. You buy great furniture. Great job decorating. Keep in touch

  6. Oh my word - our son just had a heck of a time trying to kill the bamboo in his yard it was taking over.

    He would have gladly given it to you!

    Love you new finds!


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