Playing with my new Treasures...

Oh my goodness the treasures are boundless.... Ok, it might be because no one else wants the JuNk I buy?.... ah, who cares--- its treasures I tell you! Look at all this fun junk stuff!

 Three dollar Antlers? Yes, please.... An ornate shelf... okie-dokie!.....
Who turns their back on pirate pots & pans?....

Big pots, little pots, enameled pots and decorative pots.... wooden carved items and even an old wooden cage...

Lanterns, wooden boxes, a few more pots and a hang loose wooden carved objet d'art~
I also bought four plastic bamboo ceiling fan blade covers for a couple of dollars. I am going to stencil a pirate skull onto them and hang them on my fence.
 Now, I know what your thinking.. um, thats a whole lot of junk stuff! But really, when you spread it around in a pirate yard... it all seems to make sense. Here are some of the new treasures placed in my yard... The small wooden cage now houses a new critter... Now isn't that the cutest pirate pet you've ever seen?
 A large wooden box that I got for fa-ree,  I stenciled "explosives" to the sides and I also added the rope for an extra touch.
 This entire area is new. I decided to continue the tropical/pirate/tiki theme though out the entire back yard. Might as well go big right?.... Right! This is just the starting point for this area, it still needs some fine tuning and some of the new plants need to be pruned. All that will be done over time. The next pirate party isn't until May--- so I have time.
 Here are the two small boxes that I just bought. They didn't come with lids--- I may make lids for them. Who knows~ There is something funny in this vignette.... do you see it? Ok, I thought it was/IS funny--- the candle on top of the box of explosives! *chuckling* I amuse myself!
Who's having fun? That'd be me!
big hugs,


  1. You should hire yourself out at Disney Land doing their decorating!

  2. You had a great haul! Serious pirate action going on! Love it!

  3. Hello from Spain: great purchases and very cheap. I like your area dedicated to pirates. Keep in touch

  4. You always find the best stuff! You should start charging admission to your yard. :)

  5. Your yard is looking fabulous! You have such a great imagination!!! :)


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