New Jewelry Stand

I have always wanted a spinning round jewelry display made out of a small wooden wire spool and a wheels rim... Imagine my surprise when I spotted one at the swap meet. The asking price was $5.00... I got it for $2 ---plus the jewelry you see hanging from it. It was in pretty rough (as in ugly) shape when I purchased it. It was very "home-made" and not in a good way. *wink*

Not for long though.....ah much better! Just what I was looking for!

I added some one hundred year old sheet music to the cylinder and the round piece at the bottom. Nothing adds instant charm like hundred year old sheet music in my opinion. The quality of the paper is much thicker than what is used in later years. I aged the edges of the antique paper with some ink, glued some lace to the wheel to dress it up a bit...
There wasn't a spinner on the bottom of this piece when I bought it. Luckily I had stashed under my bed a vintage "Twister" exerciser that I picked up for a dollar. The metal plate with the ball bearings is the best I have ever come across-- it was originally made to hold someones body weight, so it is very-very heavy duty. The top of the cylinder was open, so I created two pieces to sandwich the wheel spokes between to keep it centered. I used some vintage silver tinsel trim to cover up the edge.

To use as a necklace display, I simply looped the ball chain with the hanging stamped vintage spoon pendants on them to the wheels rim. Easy peasy and just what I wanted! I am loving this piece!

Not a bad $2.00 investment~
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  1. I've been looking for something like that for ages, but my necklaces and pendants don't match each other so nicely!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog... mae
    of and

  2. Great redo and perfect to hang the necklaces on.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. That is one cool necklace stand! I love seeing how things get repurposed...and come out better than they were originally. I remember that I bought some earringf from you last year...just wanted you to know that my daughter loved them!

  4. It takes a great deal of creativity to turn that spinner into a beauty like you did. That's lovely, and so is your jewelry.


  5. Oh, very nice, Cheryl.

    How nice to hear from you, also. Thanks so much for your visits to my blog and for your comments, also.

    Hope your Tuesday is delightful. Susan

  6. Oh I love what you did with that! Gorgeous!

  7. Very pretty! Love what you did with the sheet music. Smart idea!

  8. Love this Cheryl!!
    It is beautiful!! You are so creative!!! Happy Thanksgiving!


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