I found oooodles and ooooodles of fun pirate stuff recently....
I am always drawn to tiki torches. I love the thicker bamboo on these ones, soooooo they just had to come home with me!...

I have no idea what the large tin container with the lid was used for originally, but for only $3.00, I couldn't pass it up. I am going to paint it black and stencil "rum" on the side of it! All of the wooden chachkies will go in the Tiki store.
I also found two trunks for only $5.00 each. This camel back trunk has a fun crackle finish on it. I'll add some stain to the wood slates to preserve it a little longer.

I stained this wooden trunk already, it was so dry. The stain gives it a nice dark mahogany look.  I will keep these two trunks in my yard year round.
We also made some cleats that we bolted to our fence so we could drape the rope we bought months ago across the fence. 

Here you can see the black bamboo I planted recently... I love-love-love the way it looks! With this area finished it is soooo nice to be able to immediately place the recent pirate treasures that I find directly into the yard rather than just pile them up....

I also added some more of these small palms in the yard as well. The Depot sells them for $32 each, I got these at the swap meet for only $10.
Here is my neighbors cat "Bear." His real home is the next street over a few houses down... but he likes what is served on the menu here so he hangs around a lot! He is a little love bug~
I finished up the retaining wall to this small section at the top of our pool area. There is about 10 more feet to the right of what is shown below that is needing to be addressed. That area is going to be next to the pirate bar, and I am still in the "thinking stage" of that spot.

It is so much fun hunting for pirate treasures!  I am delighted it is coming together so nicely!
big hugs,


  1. Hello from Spain: great treasures .. I love your terrace .. Keep in touch

  2. Yarr! I think Bear looks like a gray stone statue! Looks like you had fun and lots of good things to show for it!

  3. Enjoyed seeing your finds! Thanks for sharing!


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