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Welcome to those of you who have showed up to my blog via the "Grow your Blog party. Here are a few things you'll find on my blog at any given time. I am all over the place showing off things I've made... from my pirate back yard, to the treasures I find and buy at yard sales. I've shared about the jewelry I've made, a few tutorials, making miniatures, recipes, sewing, crochet. You name it, I've probably blogged about it.... So, without further ado--- let me toot my own horn~
Here are some photos of things I've previously blogged about in the past..... I am currently transforming my entire back yard with a pirate theme. We host a yearly pirate party for my two grand kids every year.

I recently made a cement compass rose in the floor of the new lagoon I'm creating in my pirate yard..
Below, I've taken an old worn out tiki torch and turned it into sea shell holder...

Some faux boxes I've made out of old discarded dresser drawers....
I love-love-love old photos. Here I've made some old black and whites into tags...I had a small collection of bronzed baby shoes, I turned those into pin cushions.I made a Barbie house for my grand daughter.... here is one of the doors I created for the house using card board and tissue paper. tutorial givenHere is the Barbie house completed. Three stories of cuteness~ several tutorials given
Sometimes I'll show off something in my home...
I love the shabby chic look....I made over my bathroom last year. I replastered the walls, put in a new vanity and laid a new floor. I just took it on as a "craft project" and it was easy-peasy!
I love to play with fairies, and glitter. The two go hand in hand don't they?
I like to make jewelry too. I've made a lot of religious shrines using silver plated spoons. Here are some smaller shrines...

 With the remaining handles left over from the spoon shrines, I've turned those into spoon rings...

I also like to make necklaces using odds and ends of vintage jewelry.
I really like to stamp on flattened spoons. (this piece is mine)

 I made this revolving display piece to showcase/sell some of the flattened spoon necklaces I've made...
I used old light crystals to make these fairy necklaces...
I like to make a lot of religious jewelry.... as you can tell.
I love to play with paper, both old and new.... Here is a book that I've been altering, its an ongoing work-in-progress...I love to try my hand at everything. I don't stay with one thing for very long. I like to paint wooden signs....goof around in my studio...I'll repurpose practically anything into something else... picture frames into bow holders...  Or a ring display.... tutorial given.
Vintage tart tins into Christmas ornaments...

I also like to sew every now and then....
Sometimes I feel the need to crochet too....

I've made things using paper clay...
I've made some spoolies...

Photo holders using antique door knobs....
In this new year of 2014, I think I'd like to try my hand at metal etching, also, really mastering how to solder....
Well, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Please leave a comment if your interested in being in a drawing to win the following...

A pair of hand crafted earrings I've made using vintage pieces of old jewelry. I did use new bead pins and ear hooks.
 Also, a small abalone shell with some added bling, making it the perfect little bowl to hold your earrings and rings on your nightstand while you sleep~

This give-away is open to any one who leaves a comment on this blog post, new and old friends alike.

So there you go, my blog in a nutshell... I hope I've enticed a few of you to follow me... If not, I've got candy... *wink*

You can view other participates of the "Grow your Blog Party" via the blog "2 Bags Full" where there is a list of over 500+ joining in on the fun! 
chaste hugs & air kisses...


  1. Hi Debbie, I just found your blog through Vicki's GYB party and it is delightful hugs from Melody in Melbourne

  2. These are fun great examples of what you share every day -- some were even new to me, probably before I started following you! HOpe you pick up new readers!

  3. Hi Debbie, Im a GYB volunteer and really enjoyed seeing what youve turned your hand to.
    I LOVE that vase of buttons, a wonderful idea I may try and do myself with my mother of pearls but it will need to be a smaller vase! lol
    A great idea using the spoon heads like that too! Very clever that : )

  4. Morning, Cheryl! I'm Becky, a volunteer visiting blogs for Victoria from 2 Bags Full. What a delight to discover your blog! Love your use of religious metals and old spoons! Thanks so much for participating in the blog hop! My blog , The Quilting Booklady, a bit stagnant at the moment, but would love if you visited. Take care!

  5. Hello....did someone say 'BARBIE' and dolls house Oh wow that is amazing you are very clever........ popping by as part of the 'grow your blog day' Its such a lovely way to find super new blogs to read...I am joining along with you too
    bestest weekend wishes
    Daisy j

  6. I need a good dose of your creative skills. :)

  7. Hi,
    So happy to have found you at the GYB party ... I have become a new follower.
    You are so dang multi-talented!

    diane @ thoughts and shots

  8. Wow I love your blog, you have every thing a girl could want!

  9. Hello from another 'grow your blog' participant. Are you enjoying this party as much as I do? And how awesome is that - I'm your 700 follower!
    Evalina, This and that...

  10. Love your blog and I am now following you!!

  11. Cheryl, I've been following you for several months and I always love everything you create. I love this post which showcases the many things you have made. I look forward to checking your blog each day. Keep up the great work!

  12. You really are artsy fartsy, just like me...but you seem a bit more accomplished!

  13. You have so many unique ideas. The Barbie house is lovely.

  14. I am having fun finding new bloggers to sewing and quilting. Greetings from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  15. Hello Cheryl
    How lovely to meet you through Vicki's party.
    I've really enjoyed reading your post and seeing your wonderful artsy creations.
    The shrines are a fave for me and your spoons and fairy necklaces (my grandies would love those)!

    Love your giveaway earrings and jazzed up shell!

    Please come over and enter my Giveaway too - a vintage lace and fabric collage.

    I'm following you now Cheryl and I'll be back again the party ends!

  16. Cheryl,
    I love shabby chic too. It was fun visiting your lovely blog via the gyb party and learning about what you've been up to. great pics!

  17. I'd love to see more of your altered book!

  18. Hello Cheryl, I'm visiting from GYB and love your style. I do a bit of crafting too...lately taken up silversmithing...but mostly I paint things, on things. I'm lookinf forward to following you and getting to know you better.

  19. I just found you through Pinterest today! I love what you do!! I do a lot of similar things to including crocheting! The earrings are beautiful! Please include me in the drawing. In everything, give thanks, GrandmaSoucie

  20. You do so many things! I love that you branch out in many artsy areas. Fun blog to look at!

  21. Hi Cheryl. What a fun visit! I LOVE your pirate bar and backyard fun!
    You are so talented and creative. I have had fun going through old posts and it is amazing all that you do.
    I am a happy new follower.

  22. My, my you have alot going on here! A little bit of everything! I love it! I am enjoying the blog party and would definitely wear those earrings! Blog on! Aloha

  23. Hi Debbie. I'm so inspired by all of your projects. I'm kind of like you in that I like to do many different things too. I found an old door know and need to find out what type of wire to use and how to bend it. Also love your shrines. Everything is just beautiful. Nice to meet you! and will be following to see what you are up to!

  24. What a happy, fun blog...visiting tonight from the Blog Party - happy to have made it this far through the list, to you! Newest Follower - heading off to read a little bit more, but I will be back for more. Happy Friday - Tanya

  25. Just came from GYB. Wow you are a girl full of talents. I'll be back to see some more later.

  26. Greetings from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Very nice to meet you. This has been a great blog hop.

  27. Greetings from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing your work.

  28. Cheryl, blog candy or not, your blog is FASCINATING. I found you through Pinterest, quite by accident, but I'll be your newest follower here in about 2 more minutes. You and I are quite alike in that neither of us likes to do just one or two crafts, and that's why your blog is so interesting. You do beautiful work, thank you for sharing! Now off to go hit the "follow" button... :)

  29. You have some very unique creations! And absolutely love the blog title.

    Enjoy the party!


  30. When I grow up I want to be just like You. GYB party following you girl.

    Wow I love my visit. Didn't realize that there is so much going on in cyber world. Forgive me for coming to the party at the last minute, But 600 blog reading was a little tasking. I wanted to read and get to know the girls so I did read everyone's bio. Your my 588 blog and 24 hours left to go. If you like come visit My site contact info is I believe inspiration comes from all facets of life even knowing the great people out there with wisdom and knowledge the do's and don'ts and even the wonders of life from a personal point of view. I liked you following you on goggle connect and Bloglovin you. hope to see you in the cyber neighborhood I am new to blogging so I don't have a lot posted because I got side tract with GYB party. Kind of felt it was important to have some one read my silly chatter. I can't remember a time I didn't dabble in something creative. I tried a little of everything. But, my new love these days is Card making I just love it.

  31. Hi, thank you for sharing your blog - it has been very enjoyable to get to know you as I read your posts.


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