Weekend Treasures

I spent a few hours on Saturday and Sunday looking for some treasures. Normally when its cold out there isn't a lot to be found, I did manage to find a few though.... I have been on the hunt for a carved bear from a log for some time now, and for only two bucks this little fella was all mine. The coconut was another thing I was wanting to find... the bed pan I must say was never on any "must have" list of mine, but... I did see a game where you tossed toilet paper into a box with at toilet seat attached to it--- so I thought maybe I could make this into a pirate toilet game. The idea cracked up my two grand kids...

I was delighted to come across eight silver plated goblets and some silver serving trays. Just a little bit of polishing and they will be as good as new.
I also found some pottery. I am in love with the round one in the back....

 I came across this comical pirate sitting atop a wine cannon. I'll put this in the bar/adult area of course. Little kids just wouldn't get the humor in this *wink*

Well the weather here in central California is to say the least--- phenomenal. The daily highs have been in the high 60's.... I have been steadily working every day in my back yard and the progress is really starting to show. This entire area below was once all brick up to the fence line. I had several chaise lounges next to the pool in this spot. Well, I pulled all that up and I have transformed it into something more pirate friendly....
It is an extension of the planter area I had started a few months ago.... I just need to join the newest area to this spot to tie it all together.

Here is another angle. I made a walk way to the hose spigot.... It is still a work in progress, needing a lot of fine tuning and additional plants, rocks and bark. Not to mention more pirate booty~
Here is a close up of my little sea gull, he was a dollar find. I was so lucky and I got the rocks for fa-ree!
As you continue past this area, it will lead you into the bar area on the deck...
I also worked on another area in my yard. This is part of the kids area, it will be where they will play a lot of the party games- I have yet to create. *wink* I had to move everything out and rake up all the leaves and debris from the three trees that over hang this area. What. a. mess.~
My reward was that I got to play around with displaying things again. Some people play house--- I play pirate! 
chaste hugs & air kisses,


  1. Great finds. Your backyard is so interesting

  2. Terrific finds -- especially that silver! And thanks for sharing photos of the pirate yard -- it looks great! Sending envious greetings from the frozen tundra of Michigan -- a foot of snow fell yesterday!

  3. You just have so much fun in your yard! That round pottery vase is a beautiful piece.
    I am so jealous of you being able to be in your backyard. Up here, I haven't even been able to take a walk. With the wind it's been averaging out to around minus 40 degrees C. Scary!
    It's been awhile since I dropped in, and I'm so glad I did. Happy New Year!


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