Weekend Treasures

This past weekend I went treasure hunting and I wasn't disappointed! I found a lot of interesting things... A few oriental things, along with some fun bar mugs....
 I'm loving the two crystal candlesticks and the silver trays... I might paint the metal white on the candlesticks  and bring them inside.... no-no-no.... I must focus on the pirate yard!
 This ships bell was a must have.... its super loud and will be perfect to get every ones attention.
 Three sea shell candle sticks and the biggest, thickest abalone shell I have ever come across....
 Two huge crates that were only $4.00 for the two. *score*
 This pully has a rounded front and backside, I've never seen one like this before so I'm happy to add it to my collection...
I bought a lot of old bottles too. The ones in the plastic bag I am going to alter rather than put out in my yard! 

I got some treasures from my mom too.... loving the little tea pot! The brass planters will soon be filled with dabloons and strands of pearls.
Lastly, I picked up two bar stools for the pirate bar. *GASP* Stunning right?
I spotted these on the last row at the swap meet.... can you believe no one snatched them up before I got them? *wink*

 Guess what I paid for the pair.... guess, come on---

 just FIVE BUCKS! *score!* I am going to stain them and add some rope to the top and bottom, maybe even the middle--- then of course add some new fabric to the seat. What a great treasure filled weekend!
big hugs,


  1. Wow....really nice finds! Love treasure hunting.

  2. How fun to have something so specific to shop for! What great finds!

  3. Thanks for coming by the blog and leaving a sweet comment...yes, I made the feeder. Cup and saucer and E6000 glue. They hold up great even with the squirrel hanging from them.

  4. Cool - love the inventory!

    Enjoy your weekend!



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