Vintage Wooden Ladder

I got this old wooden ladder for fa-ree....Isn't it a treasure?
I hauled it home this past summer and its been propped up against the fence ever since. My cats, a few opossum and even a raccoon have all taken turns using it to climb up to the top of the fence. Happily, the opossum and the raccoon have moved on down the street--- hopefully way down. *wink* Anywho---- I painted it to look more like it was pulled off of a pirate ship so it would better fit the theme of my backyard. I added some rope to the rungs and some red fringe to the sides for an extra pop of color.

 I had fun staging this area between the lagoon and the dock.... Aaaarrrrggghhh... so much better! Click on any photo to view them larger... aaaarrgggghhhh...

 While I had my electric staple gun out, I also added some red fringe to a small wooden wagon. This will be where the birthday gifts go while everyone is playing games and eating. You can see in this photo below, I stenciled on some more boxes. I didn't have any "Gun powder" boxes, and everyone knows any self respected pirate has a lot of gun powder on hand... I always place a lantern by the things that are explosive... it just makes me laugh when ever I do that. I wonder if anyone else will find that funny? or even get it?....

I also stapled up some blue netting in this area of my yard where the games will be played. Across the bottom of some benches...

 along the fence line...

around a barrel...

and across some boxes...
I have seventy five days until the party. Not that I'm counting. *wink*
big hugs,


  1. I think everything looks so amazing. I loved what you left on my blog as well. I am so blessed to of made a new friend. Thanks for blessing me. I am trying to hit follow with my google on yours and it says temp unavailable. I will keep trying. I am your newest follower sister. xoxox HUGS

  2. Hello from Spain: I like the makeover of your staircase. Your porch is fabulous. Great job. Keep in touch

  3. That's a great find -- and even if you hadn't said what you'd do with it, I think I already guessed!

  4. Have said it before and will again - Your grands must love laying at your house.:D You must have great weather and no squirrels. That kind of setup would not last long here.
    Happy St. Paddy's Day.
    Hope this posts this time, stopped by earlier and could not comment. Pretty sure problem on my end as found out later computer went into a security scan at the same time.

  5. Dang! I need to shut down spell check on my computer. That is suppose to "playing". NOT laying.:/

  6. Oh Cheryl I always love seeing all you new booty - revamped!!

    Happy Spring!


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