Pirate Costume

This is the pirate costume I picked up for my 5 year old grand daughter. Online store image below...

When I first showed it to her, she laughed and told me that she wanted short sleeves on her pirate outfit--- so of course, I made them shorter.... and did some other minor alterations. *wink*
I added some pink sequin trim to the neckline and the sleeves. Along the waist I stitched on some belly dancer chains with coins on it.  Now she jingles when she walks... super cute!

In the center I added some pink rhinestones for a little pop of color down the front of the dress.

The hat was needing a little "somethin'-somethin' " too, so I added a red and black feather and a large gold tone flower to one side. Ah, much better!
 Little Chloe Rose approves~

big hugs,

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