Pirate Party 2014

We hosted four pirate parties last weekend... FOUR.

Luckily, every single party was super fun!

 Each party was special in its own way...
The first two parties on Saturday were back to back. The first party was for my grand daughter Chloe....
 The second party was for my grandson Jonathan. With the two back to back parties on Saturday it ended up being SIX hours of pirate fun!
 On Sunday I had to reconfigure the party area with tables and chairs for a sit down dinner that we held on Monday night. 
The next day, Tuesday morning, I took down the things that don't stay out in the yard all year long... work-work-work....
Then on Tuesday evening I had a few friends from a sewing group I belong to for dinner and desert. On Wednesday morning I finished up putting away the last of the items that get stored during the year. Whew, it is never fun having to put things away!

I created a few slide shows on, but I couldn't get them embedded on my blog. If your ever over at Photo peach, my user name is "Artsy Fartsy" and there you can view more pirate photos if you'd like too.
Here is a photo of some of my grand daughters friends hanging out by the pony... The pink "My Little Pony" purse was a gift she just received and ended up on her arm the rest of the day!
 My little pirate Chloe had a fun time putting tattoos on everyone... it was super cute to watch her do that. *wink*

My other little pirate Jonathan was a constant blur as he ran around with his friends...
 Below is some of my grandson's friends at his pirate party watching him as he opened some of his gifts....
My two grand kids have already come up with some new ideas for next years pirate party. But for now, Nana is resting!
big hugs,


  1. Hello from Spain: great pirate party. Your doing a great job. Beautiful pictures and lots of fun. You'll be exhausted. Keep in touch

  2. Wow! You're getting lots of use out of your pirate cove. Looks like a lot of fun! :-)

  3. Wow - You have been busy. I know your Grands and other guests had a great time. Please send me some of your energy. LOL
    Enjoy your evening.

  4. You must have been completely exhausted! But I bet everyone had a great time at every party -- it's clear the kids did!


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