Recent Treasures

This past weekend of treasure hunting was fabulous. I found this spinning 25 slot rack for only $7. The gal selling it talked herself down in price from $10. I love when that happens~

I managed to find a LOT of jewelry. This box full of jewelry was only $6 bucks. A lot of people were passing it by because of all the plastic junk on top. The good stuff always settles to the bottom~ I have a collection of little trays that I use in my studio, so when I spotted this set of 10 trays for sale, I had to play it cool.... $2.50 for all 10. Yes please. The odds and ends of jewelry in the trays probably totaled $5 all together~ I also found this fabulous plant stand for all of $5. Isn't it darling? The lanterns were $3 each. I love-love-love them!

 I scored on this lot of 41 small tins for only $3. Now what do make with them? eiy-eiy-eiy~
Of course I am always on the look out for pirate treasure. I found some things for the pirate store.
I also found some fabulous wooden pulleys. These four beauts were only $25 bucks... whats that? $6.25 each. Score!
I have decided that my backyard needs another pirate store. This one is going to be a "General Store" which is going to be fabulous to set up little vignettes of  pirate cuteness *wink* Once the weather gets a lot cooler, the construction will begin! *woot-woot*
big hugs,


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    you amaze me with your findings! you scored big time! can't wait to see the new pirate store! have a wonderful week! Linda

  2. Hello from Spain: great finds. You always have the best parts. Keep in touch

  3. You did good! The altoid tins decorated make great gift boxes for gift cards.

  4. I found a cart similar to yours this summer -- I love it. And your rack? What an extraordinary deal. They're pricy. Good finds!

  5. Wow, what great finds, I love any jewelry and that plant stand was the deal of the day!



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