Spoon Rings

I have been making more spoon rings lately. I always seem to want to make spoon rings when it is hot as blazes outside. Weird. My stash of spoon rings were running low. It wasn't that I didn't have any silverware to repurpose. I have five plastic shoe boxes filled with silverware... and another plastic bin filled with nothing but the silverware handles pre-cut and ready to be bent into spoons... So, no excuses, I thought it was high time to get to bending~
This time, I made most of the spoon rings much smaller than the last large batch I'd made. I noticed a lot of teenagers were trying them on and the rings were way to big for them. So I now have a smaller ring size selection to go along with the larger ones.
I really like finding silverware with initials on them. In the first photo there is the initial "S" on one ring. I have a lot of pieces from that set and I was thrilled that the handle bent so easily. I see a LOT of "S" rings in my near future. Here is one with an "A" on it. I really like the font used on this handle, I wish I had an engraving machine so I could engrave initials myself... Let me just put that out into the universe so its known *wink* Maybe I'll come across one!
 This ring has already been sold :-)
big hugs,


  1. How unique and pretty! I can remember spoon rings as a child, but haven't seen one in years. Yes, you definately need a way to engrave these beauties.

  2. I love these rings!
    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a sweet note.

  3. These are pretty...I need an "S"! I'll check out your Etsy shop. I stopped by for the Mad Hatter Tea party today. I'll be back later!



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