Steampunk Necklace

I have been wanting to try my hand at making a steampunk necklace for some time now. From the examples I have seen other people make, I think this one I've made can be called "steampunk." I think it turned out pretty durn good~
I was inspired to make one when I came across this wire dragon fly in a bag of jewelry I had recently bought.

 This necklace had originally began as just the key dangling from the rhinestone pendant. I simply added the key to the backside of this steampunk pendant and made it the bezel for this piece.

I can see making a lot more steampunk necklaces in the future...

big hugs,


  1. You Nailed it!! Lovely punk work. I am pinning you to my Steam Punk board!! Keep smiling and creating

  2. Lovely, Cheryl! Very, very nice!

  3. Hello from Spain: great creation. Keep in touch

  4. I love the steampunk look! Had to google plus your necklaces. They are so different and interesting!


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