San Juan Batista

This past weekend we went to San Juan Batista to par-take in the vintage street market they host every year. It was lovely, cool weather perfect for walking through the streets of the town hitting all the local's yard sales before going to the vintage market itself.

I just HAD to get this three tiered raccoon objet d'art seeing how there was "the mother of all raccoons" in my backyard this past year. *wink* It was only $8-- that is practically free!

 At one yard sale I spied this bag full of treasures...
I was intrigued... a dollar you say? Whatever they were... they were going to be MINE.... so, you ask, what are they?
Bamboo and fabric lanterns. Twenty one of them.... mine-mine-mine. Perfect for my pirate yard!
*slight pause for major cuteness* Here is my neighbor's cat Bear hanging out in amongst the plants in the lagoon watching me playin'... cute...
 I also scored another block, this one was only $6... and is the heaviest one I own to date. I also scored on the anchor for only $4 and the little aged brass pot for $1. What treasures!
I also got to visit with my friend Susan and my new friend Stephanie (who is now the co-owner of Bella Dona in San Juan Batista. They are both so sweet and it is reflected in the great vibe their store has.
 They swung open the gate to their stores courtyard which was filled to capacity with vintage treasures. This gate is located on the main street of the vintage market and it was so cute, it just pulled the people from the street into their business. Smart thinking girls! It took me forever to get a photo without any people in it *wink*

I managed to find some treasures locally...  I scored two wrought iron candelabras for only $7 for the pair.

These two masks were a little pricey... The large one was $10 and the smaller one was $6. C'est la vie~ I buy things so cheaply all the time, I can occasionally spend a smidge more than I normally would on a few things--- and it makes good business sense in the long run when you keep your "pickers" happy. 
I scored on the huge Asian statue.... it was only $10. The little carved wooden statue $1, and the huge shell $3~
 Next Saturday I am going to be having my own yard sale... *sigh* it is totally going to bum me out as I'd rather be going to some then having one!
big hugs,


  1. Nice haul for the day. Like those candleliers! I gave up on having yard sales - lots of work.

  2. Wow, you did find a lot of great things. Prices sounding pretty darn good to me on everything. Have a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

  3. Hi Cheryl,

    You got some amazing treasures and at a bargain price.
    Hope you are enjoying the week and many thanks for visiting me.


  4. I would have HAD to have the winged lion to the right of your anchor!!!

    That is TOO cute. You made some GREAT scores!


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