Keepsake Tins

I was commissioned recently with a request to make some small keepsake containers to hold a person's cremated remains. A portion of the remains are going to be placed inside each of the containers and given to a number of people so that the remains can be scattered in different places.
 I was asked to make them look vintage and distressed and to use the "Skull n' Bones" embossing folder by Cuttlebug. Sounds easy enough.
They didn't have to be distressed all the same.... it was fun to play around with different color choices. I also added some embossing powders to them to give them a super old look. I think my favorite is the copper tins with the green verdigris. It isn't as bright in person.

I sprayed each one when they were finished with a matte sealant to keep the paint intact.

 I made a total of twenty-four small keepsake tins...
I also added another embossed piece on the inside of each lid. I used some of my coveted vintage velvet on the bottom of each tin... I also distressed the inside too~

I hope the person who commissioned me to make them loves them.

big hugs,


  1. If she doesn't love them, I know you'll be able to find someone who does. They're wonderful -- beautiful workmanship!

  2. Beautiful workmanship Cheryl.
    A lot of work here.
    Thank you so much for visiting.
    You are much too kind.

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    I love the tins, what a great idea!
    Wish we had thought of you and these for Tara's Dad! Have a wonderful rest of the week!! Linda

  4. Hello from Spain: Fabulous tins. Great creations. You are very creative. Keep in touch

  5. WOW! these exceed my expectations! I'm thrilled I discovered Cheryl and I can't wait to see them in my hands. Flyn' Brian McCray was one of the greatest climbers of his generation and his friends will be honored to use these tins to carry his ashes to spectacular vistas in Zion, El Capital and beyond as his final resting place. They will keep these tins for their memories of an adventurer who knew no limits. You can read his obituary here:

    Cheryl - THANKYOU!


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