Merry Christmas everyone!
It is so fun to give a gift that makes everyone happy!and being totally blown away when gifted with the "most perfect gift ever!" 
Everyone wearing their best Christmas sweaters....

Pictures with Santa...

 Holiday parties one right after another....
 are just a dry run for what lies ahead for New Years Eve!
 There is always one at every party though isn't there? If you can't think of that "one".... you know what that means? Its you.

What am I getting for Christmas? It is the same gift I give myself every single year...
 Merry-Merry Christmas!
big hugs,


  1. Thanks for the lovely laughter this Christmas Eve! Everyone has gone to bed, I'm at my daughters and life goes on, the nativity to be held aloft for all to rejoice and the holiday merriment for all to enjoy. Cats are wonderful creatures!

  2. Funny funny stuff! Merry Christmas!

  3. HOpe you had a merry Christmas Cheryl!! and now.. Happy New Year!

  4. Belated Christmas greetings, early New Years wishes and yes -- I'm smiling. That orange boy atop the tree had me in stitches and remembering sweet Gypsy.

    May the new year ring in with great joy -- and stay that way!


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