Recent Treasures

I really enjoy going each weekend to our local swap meet and hunting for one of a kind treasures. I always manage to drag something home with me.... which again is easy to do because I don't buy the typical items most people are looking for.  I've been wanting all of these items below for quite some time--- but the gal selling it always was asking way to much. This past weekend she was gone and her husband was there by himself. Needless to say, it all came home with me... and rather cheaply I might add. *wink*
Here is a close up of the lovely faux jade dragon.... caute!
I also snagged this huge old wooden frame for only $5.00. I saw on pinterest where someone had taken an old frame and strung wire across the opening and added photos with clothes pins... So, I'll just add that project to my ever growing list of projects.

I also got some much needed rope and other odds and ends.
A box full of rocks now reside in a golden urn.... my grand kids always beg for "just one rock" to take home from my yard. Cute.
 Seven small wooden masks rounds out my pirate loot for this weekend...
 I can never pass up bronzed baby shoes. Are these not the sweetest baby shoes ever?
 *swoon* Sweet huh?
I also scored on some jewelry. I got thirty-four brooches...
Ten pairs of earrings...

five bracelets and three necklaces.... but who's counting.
The last purchase of the day I found a large silver plated platter, five candle sconces, an old hanging lamp and some shabby chic looking clips...
 and.... two very large, very heavy pewter platters.... and a gorilla.
All of that loot came to a whopping $5.00. *score*  I looked up the two pewter platters on Ebay. I found the smaller of the two platters listed for sale with a starting bid of $30. I couldn't find any listings of the larger platter. Aaarrrrgh.... pirate treasure. *wink*
big hugs,


  1. Wow - you found some loot! I love brooches, too - and I like to wear one each day to work. Your pirate yard is amazing. My parent's back yard has a nautical theme. Dad built a little fisherman's shack - and they have lots of collectables. It's really neat. Thank you for your kind comments. I did have a happy and safe childhood.

  2. Hilarious! (Especially since I just read your helpful comment re. decluttering at my place this morning.) I "get" you! I really do!

  3. Cheryl, I would say you scored big! I love the frame! It is simply gorgeous!

  4. You found some wonderful treasures! I love that the husband was so happy to "deal" with you while his wife was away - haha - he was probably happy to make the sales!

  5. You made out like a bandit!!! Wonderful finds, especially that jewellery. I would so love to come across someone practically giving away their old collection.

  6. I say this to you all the time, but I never cease to be amazed by you.. the things you create, the things you find.. and that crazy pirate wonderland that you've created in your back yard. I love to see what all our creative bloggy friends are up too.. always inspiring.. which never lacks on your blog!
    have a great day my friend!

  7. Oh, it totally reminds me of my junking days -- when I was reselling and could just buy all I loved! I am dying over those little curtain clips. And that deer brooch. Sigh! Thanks for letting us look (and drool!)

  8. Look at that little dragon, sooo cute. And the brooches are lovely. I collect brooches, but don't have quite the collection as this. Isn't it fun to find such wonderful treasures?



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