Pirate Building Sneak Peek

Here is the newest pirate building in my backyard. This is going to be set up like a general merchandise store when it is all finished. I am still needing to add window and door trim and I am also going to staple moss to the underside of the eaves of the building to give it an old decrepit look.
 The building itself is finished.....
There is a lot of little things that need to be done to the pirate building to really make it all pop.
I am going to install new screen in the old screen door, and then add some paint to distress it so it ties in better with the building. I also need to find a handle and some sort of closure to keep it securely closed. Right now I'm using a piece of cardboard wedged in between the door and the door jam.
 I added an over hang to the front of the building. This wasn't in the plans but I think it makes it look more like a "building" as apposed to a shed. I also want to have a skeleton-pirate sitting on the roof with a sword in his hand giving everyone either a laugh or a fright.....
 I painted the siding on the building to look like planks of wood. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks. I think at a later date I would like to add real black bolts to the planks to give it another dimension. All the windows are duel paned windows, this one below is in need of some black paint... I must add that to my list.
 The inside of this building is a jumbled mess right now as the forecast tells of four days of upcoming rain. I did take an afternoon to just play out there.... it was so much fun.
 We created a small alcove of sorts at the very peak of the back of the store. I wanted a place to showcase some do-dads and chachkies. I must keep an eye out for more of the same... I'm running low~
 I have a total of five trunks in this 10 x 10 building. Three flat tops and two camel backs. Somehow I am going to incorporate them into the design of this space. Who knows what it will end up looking like.
 Once the rain has passed, I'm really needing to pull everything out and then get to decorating!
 Here is one of my little chimps drinking some pirate ale.... I think he needs a straw~
 As for me, I think I'll go have a cup of tea.
big hugs,


  1. your back yard must be huge! Always fun to have a hobby and to collect things. keeps life interesting doesnt it?
    have a great weekend.. stay dry.. youre going to get four days of rain and we will be getting four days of snow.. arhg!
    happy weekend!

  2. Wow -- how in the world do you do this? You never stop! The space you have must be huge and your climate reasonably temperate. It just looks like tons of fun. I'm glad you let yourself play after all that work!

  3. Wow that is so cool, your little touches to it are great, love how you did the wood planking!

  4. This is just like the coolest thing ever!!!

  5. Your grands will have so much fun playing out there.

    Enjoy the weekend

  6. That all looks like such fun!! I love the painted planks on the outside! What a fun project!

  7. That building is amazing! I can't wait to see what all you do with it. May I ask a question and please do not laugh at me LOL what are chachkies?? Have a great week!


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