Pirate Party 2015

 I hosted my grand kids pirate parties a few weeks ago...I think everyone had a good time. I know I did! The shooting gallery was a big hit.
It was cute to see the little kids take aim and fire the rubber bands at various things.

I was impressed that the kids didn't shoot at each other, that was a big concern of mine.
 The tattoo parlor was a popular place too. Here it is waiting for the first customer to have a seat...

I had a binder full of fun things for the kids to select from....
My grand daughter is the queen of giving tattoos...

I let whomever wanted to apply the tattoos do so. All the kids were very nice and helped each other out... cute. Sometimes it is just plain fun to be in charge of something.

I added a Foosball table to the backyard this year.
I had this beside the larger pirate store. I think the kids liked it, although it didn't hold their attention that long....
There is a lot to see in our pirate backyard....
You just never know what your bound to see looking around...
Tucked in amongst the pirate loot are random mice, snakes etc... which have even managed to scare me--- and I'm the one who put them there!
Hard to believe but in the middle of my backyard is a pool. I normally don't show it in photos--- because it detracts from my pirate yard. *wink* I did take down our pool fence.... so I needed to create something to keep the kids mindful of the pool... so I made some crowd control barriers. Easy peasy... and they worked. No one fell into the pool.
I wanted to make a small pirate ship for the pool... but  I just couldn't bring myself to start another project. Maybe next year~
My backyard really isn't that big to be honest. I live on a corner lot so my backyard is "L" shaped... the side of my house has a long wooden deck which is where the party games are held...
The three trees planted along the fence line in the front yard provide the area with plenty of shade... 

That and the fact I have three matching gazebos lined up on the deck!
I often times wonder what our house looks like from the sky when a random plane or helicopter flies overhead...
On the cement RV pad is where I have the Boutiki store...
This little store is full of wooden things like Tiki's and wooden bowls and hand carved items. All of which I do in my spare time *ahem*
My grand daughter Chloe really likes to play in here...
It is her store after all.... She loves to play cashier... and sweep.

The pirate ship regatta game didn't pan out... who knew there was an art at making boats that floated. Oh they were cute--- but they fell over and sank... so it then became a "Blow your cannon ball Game"
No one was the wiser *wink* It was a hot day... even I stuck my hand in the cool water a few times.

This little cherub had her hand in this bucket of fish most of the morning. Looks like fun doesn't it?
We had a lot of candy on the buffet table, I had to remind kids to help themselves to whatever they wanted. Very well behaved kids, I must say!
Chloe was Ms. Business as usual... busy sorting out tattoos...
Chloe was at the spa right before her birthday party. She had her hair done and a french manicure too.... Nana had her well schooled on what to ask for on her nails.
Most everyone came dressed in their finest pirate attire...
How adorable huh?
Even this cute-as-can-be baby got in the pirate spirit. This little one was a complete joy! Such a happy baby :-)
All in all it was a fabulous day filled with fun times for my grand kids and their friends.

*one last photo*... This photo of Chloe receiving one of the gifts I had given her just cracks me up.... I couldn't even see her behind the box--- and when I did she said to me, "Thanks, I was needing a new glue stick." Oh that girl makes me laugh!
Glue sticks?... I'm still laughing~
big hugs,


  1. I really enjoyed seeing the party! It truly is amazing what you have created! Yes, next year a pirate ship for the pool would be awesome! It's good to keep adding fun new things than to have it all at every party.

  2. This is absolutely, totally, unbelievably, impossibly incredible! I can't begin to imagine all the work that went into this. No wonder there isn't a pirate ship yet! Seeing the pirate patio grow in all your posts, it is so gratifying to see so much of it and see the kids enjoying it. You must have had a huge smile on your face all day long!

  3. Wow - You really did it up big. :D I know everyone must have had a fun time.
    You have made lots of memories for those children.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. How Fabulous to be able to host a fun pirate themed party for them, and it looks like they had so much fun exploring everything. I had to laugh when you get scared by the rats and stuff you put in your scenes I can see myself doing the same thing. Like how she was so excited about getting new glue stick.

  5. You are so absolutely amazing!!! What a fantastic party! I would have had so much fun in that wonderful backyard of yours! I've always enjoyed looking at all the wonderful things you do in your backyard, and was very surprised to see the pool. It's perfect!

  6. My god, you went all out! What a fun party, I'm sure the kids had a blast. Who can resist a good (or naughty) pirate?

  7. From one grandma to another - I'm giving you the Best Grandma Ever award, Cheryl! :)

  8. Greatest party ever! (until next year).

  9. You should paint the men on the foosball table to look like pirates.. no wonder it didn't keep their attention... I would love to have gone to this gathering.. you really know how to host a party.

  10. Oh my gosh, this is the coolest party ever! It looks like all the kids are having a blast! I think everyone in my family has dressed up as a Pirate at one time or another, including myself. You did a fantastic job. You are so lucky to be a grandma and be able to do so many creative and loving things for your grandchild. I noticed your pool in some of the pictures. Oh, how I miss our pool at our old house.

    I hope you are enjoying the summer days, Cheryl.



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