My sweet ol' hobo kitty Chumley passed away on Monday. *sigh*  Here is an old photo of Chumley taking a nap on top of a pirate chest in my backyard. He was a perfect pirate kitty...
Chumley wandered into our yard one wintery day and took up residence in the bushes. For weeks I tried coaxing him out with tuna, turkey, and wet cat food. He wasn't falling for it, and would wait patiently until I set down the food and walked away before he would come out to eat. One night I was sitting on the front steps enjoying the night breeze and Chumley snuck up and rubbed his face on my hand-- scaring the heck out of me because I didn't see him coming. Of course that little gesture of his.... gave me complete permission to scoop him up and love on him! From that day forward he would never shy away from being touched again...
Chumley was a skinny, malnourished boy when I came across him. He was missing one of his fangs... and you could just tell life had been hard on him. Many a time, I would catch him looking around to see if he was alone... tilt his head to look up to the sky and then start these long mournful, howling-meows. It resembled a dog howling, only Chumley would be meowing at the top of his lungs.
As a small remembrance of my little hobo kitty, Chumley, I made a statue of him. Chumley wasn't a soft, smushy kitty. Chumley was more of a rigged, no-nonsense cat. I assume because of his advanced age and rough life that he was this way, I'm not sure. Although, with that said, I could easily turn him into a drooling, foolishly happy beast none the less just by petting him and showing him affection...  
 I added the word "Meow" to the statue.... His howling meow's will forever be a sweet-sweet happy memory.
I was lucky to have loved him for the time he had left. My precious hobo kitty... Chum. *sniffle*
big hugs,


  1. Chumley was a beauty! It is so sad to lose our furry friends.

  2. Sorry for the loss of your sweet furbaby. Thanks for feeding and showing him trust and love.

  3. I'm so so sorry. It's so hard. I lost my black lab, Gracie that I had from a pup just last week and I'm tearing up just about every time I think of it. Our furry animals are a true part of the family and a missed dreadfully.

  4. My heart is aching for you, Cheryl. Aren't sweet orange boys the best, especially when they've been on the street and are so forever grateful for your love and good care. It's a wonderful photo and a beautiful statue -- so very fitting.

    When Gypsy went over to the Heavyside Layer, I cried for days and even still I have tears in my eyes as this post reminds me of both your beautiful Chumley and my sweet Gypsy. Be gentle with yourself during these times. I send you cyber hugs and huge wishes for peace and healing.

  5. I think he was a more special kitty because he chose you not that you chose him... Any kitty in a group can he chosen but when they find you... that means so much more... hugs

  6. So sorry for your loss, I know how hard it is after losing two in just a few short months. What a blessing it was to find a home with you all after having such a rough start of things, but it sounds like the end was wonderful for him. Love that statue you made as a tribute to him.

  7. There is nothing to add to all the wonderful thoughts I've just read but I'm so terribly sorry for the absent spot you now feel in your heart. Chumley isn't hurting and he's watching you, expecting you to smile with all the love and great times he gave you to remember him by, I'm sure. He's "Over the Bridge" playing carefree with all the other special animals waiting to shuggle with you again. When you feel that breeze across your skin you'll know he's just close by.

    I send you Hugs my friend!

  8. I'm so sorry to read of Chumley's passing. I know how much you 2 meant to each other. Please come over tonight for a hug in person.


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