A New Sail Boat

I have been wanting a small boat for my swimming pool for the longest time... well, I finally found one! I spotted one in a photo on the Craigslist yard sale section. When we pulled up to the yard sale... the boat was no where to be seen. *bummer* I figured I would take a look around anyway--- when asked if I was looking for anything in particular... I replied "A small boat".... wouldn't you know it, she had forgotten to take it out of her backyard to place in her yard sale. The initial asking price was $50.... I got it for $20. *score* Double score.... it floats!

Of course, I couldn't leave it white and red... so I painted it to look like old wood. I drilled holes in one of the panels and attached a bamboo pole for the ships mast. I will put it in the pool when we have company come over... now all I'm needing is a life size skeleton to sit in the boat.

I am in the process of putting up lights in my backyard. I have had this brass chandelier for over a year and now it is finally hung and hard wired to a light switch in one of the pirate stores. The chandelier was only $40.... and came with the bulbs and the crystals. There are colored star fish and ivy in the ceilings netting...
 The box of crystals ended up being double what the chandelier needed. That was lucky! If you were to pan down from that photo you'd see the hot mess that is in there right now.... Normally I put all of this in the garage but I'm hosting a Halloween party so I figured I would just store it in there for now.
 I've also been making some more outdoor games. I had some glow in the dark hands that stuck in the ground, I simply screwed them onto a board then bent them to make them appear to be reaching out...
 I added a little bit of fabric and some moss...
 and... ta-daaaaaaaaaaa~ A necklace toss game.
Here are the "Put Polly on her Perch" and the "Put the frog in the Log" game that I had previously made... now with added greenery. Down at the bottom is a "Pitch a Penny in the Pot" game... I have a few rolls of pennies to be used with that.
 I also made a "Bucket of Bones" game where you toss bones into a bucket...
 This one is funny... Tossing toilet paper into the pirate poop bucket. I used real toilet paper to which I adhered white fabric to with spray adhesive so that it looks and feels like real toilet paper but will hopefully last a long time.
  I'm feeling a little nip in the air.... I must go sit and crochet something!
 big hugs,


  1. Love the necklace toss boars, just fantastic. We painted spooky faces on toilet paper rolls one year and bowled them over with pumpkins. The kids loved it. Awesome on you for hosting a party! That is a lot of work. It's evident that you love it, but still.
    Have a fantastic week getting ready! I hope to hear how it all went.

  2. Cheryl! I absolutely love what you have done to the boat you purchased! It is fantastic! I love all the decor you have constructed and added to the yard for you party. Great job!

  3. Good deal on the boat, Love how you changed it up, will look cool floating with a skeleton in it. Pretty chandelier too, you have such fun ideas for games to play at your party bet they are fun for all ages :)

  4. Cute cute CUTE ideas! I have an idea for your skeleton. My boys had a skeleton that came with a book that they had to put together. I think I've seen them around still in stores and garage sales. I'll keep my eyes open at garage sales!

  5. Great fun -- I love the boat, of course -- and the games are more fun than anything! You are so clever!


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