Candy Cane Scarf

I finished up a few crochet items that I started a few weeks ago. I love-love-love to start a new project... I hate-hate-hate to finish them. *wink* I say that--- but I am delighted they are finished and happily going to be worn by my six year old grand daughter. I made a candy cane scarf. I crocheted it on the diagonal using a half double crochet stitch. That was a lot of trial and error seeing how I made up the pattern as I went along.
 I also made some candy cane boot cuffs~
 Lastly in this set I made a candy cane head scarf~
The half double crochet stitch is an easy stitch to build up rows really fast. When the set was all finished though-- it looked like it was needing something... so, I added some fuzzy white yarn around all the edges. I lurve it~

I also finished up two puppy hats. One for my grand daughter... and one for her to give to any friend of her choosing.
I see a lot more hat requests in my future. 
big hugs,


  1. Cheryl, your grad-daughter will look adorable in her candy cane scarf. And I so like the idea of her having a hat to share with a friend.

  2. Super cheer! Into the mood just looking at it!

  3. You have been busy, those are very cute hats.

  4. Love, love. love the candy cane set! And I feel your pain about finishing a project. But it does feel so good to strike something off the long list of things to do!

  5. The candy stripe set looks great and those hats are fab. I see many more in your future too :)

  6. Oh Cheryl she is just going to love these, great job making up your own pattern and the hats are adorable!!

  7. Very cute! My favorite stitch is the dc. It's the only one I don't have to think about. All the rest take a little more concentration on my part. :)


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