Vintage Cards at Christmas

It isn't a secret that I adore vintage cards. I've been collecting vintage ephemera for years and years. I love old vintage documents, vintage books, but I have a soft spot for greeting cards. Some with vibrant colors, some with glitter and then of course the pastels... swoon~

At some point in your life, you've got to stop collecting and start using the good stuff. What are you saving it for? If you don't use now, you know what is going to happen to all your fabulous treasure? When your dead and buried all your wonderful junk treasures will all be sold at a yard sale for .25¢ each or $1.00 a bag. How many estate sales have you gone to and bought treasure for .25¢ each or fill a bag of stuff for a dollar? I know, I know.... *insert the circle of life music here*

I have several totes of unused vintage cards, you could say I've been hoarding them. Its true. I even have them sorted by events such as Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays etc. I also have several totes of used cards too that I'm going to use... eventually~

 I DO however like to send vintage cards to people for the holidays and birthdays. Some people love them... some I am sure are offended. You just can't live your life trying to please some people- so I don't even try. *wink* On the backside of each card I adhere an address label stating that the card is a "Vintage Rescued Card" with my blog name and the web link.
I used the website were they give you free templates to use to print out return labels. They have other free templates on their site as well so you can print all kinds of super neat things.

I have a huge collection of Christmas cards to pull from every year. The cards are little works of art in my opinion. The envelopes are a bit ratty though....

I am in the process of making a LOT of red envelopes using red card stock so I can send out my Christmas cards this year.

Seriously, I should just go to the dollar store and buy 20 cards for a buck. *wink*
I've linked up to My Salvaged Treasures "Vintage Inspiration Party." 
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  1. I would love to start seeing old cards being used. That label is perfect!

  2. I LOVE THEM TOO!! I feel the same way about my vintage paper treasures! Love the label you put on them.

  3. I LOVE the vintage cards! I found some vintage looking cardstock with images I remember from my childhood ( the 50s) and I'm making my Christmas cards with them. Vintage is classic!

  4. Those cards certainly harken back to a much simpler time. The one with the pine cones is really cute.

  5. I adore these. And if I was lucky enough to be on your Christmas card list and receive one of these I not only would not be offended, I would save it!

  6. Love the cards and the idea for sharing them with others...
    What you should do is go to the dollar store and buy the box of 20 envelopes for a buck and toss (or make into little boxes the cards!

  7. I like that you are putting a label on them also.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  8. I think it is wonderful that you are sharing these gems of vintage goodness with others, like you say what good will it be if they are all sold away or heaven forbid thrown away after you are gone, looks like you have a great collection going there too. I love your idea of sharing your blog address too, neat templates they have!


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