Last month I bought a super cute wooden "love" sign. I couldn't pass it up for a buck....
I knew when I saw it what I was going to do with it-- pull out the metal tape and an embossing folder and get to work. I have a HUGE assortment of embossing folders to choose from and yet I always pull out this one:

It is the best one to give a piece an overall nice cohesive look that hides the seams of the small pieces of metal tape that makes the overall design. Although, I'm thinking the next time I pull out the metal tape I should give another embossing folder a try....
Before adding the embossed metal tape I painted the backside and the sides with black paint to finish it off and it really makes the silver pop. I also wiped down the finished piece with some black paint to showcase the embossing. I lurve it... although, I probably won't hang it in my house. I do have several of these little metal "Love" pieces in my house. This one sits on my computer desk beside a photo of my bestie who passed away... She was 30 years older than me... and yet, I never-ever thought of her as old  -ever. She had a joyous spirit about her and she knew how to love. Maybe that is why I have her photo and the word "love" next to it. The word... and the definition next to it...

Yes, yes... I must get rid of that stack of decorating books. So, 1980's. *snort*
big hugs,


  1. It looks lovely, I'm sure she is happy in her spot.

  2. Wow~! Much improved -- and perfect for Valentine's Day!

  3. That looks fantastic! Of course, everything you touch looks great! Nice work.

  4. Oh wow that is just too cool, great idea for decorating it, like that you brushed black over it too. I would say it doesn't matter how much you use a folder if it is a classic and works on many things that was a great purchase!!


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