Handmade Birthday Gift

I've been working non-stop on making doll clothing for my grand daughter's birthday... I'm glad to say... I've now got a huge stack of clothing finished. Hooray! It took a long time to make the patterns to fit these dolls before sewing the clothing. Just when I thought I had a pattern made that would fit the doll... I'd whip it up only to find it was either to big-- to tight--- or way to small. I wasted a lot of beautiful fabric in the process... live and learn right? This past weekend, I got two more animator dolls. The little cutie below is Anna. I got her and Tinkerbell (shown further down) for only $5.00 for the pair. I just can't resist their cute little faces~

I'm going to be taking my dolls to my grand daughter's birthday party... so of course, I had to make some birthday party hats to fit the dolls!I bought two dollar store guitars and crocheted some guitar straps for them.
I managed to whip up several pairs of shoes. Again, I couldn't find any patterns that would fit the Disney Animator dolls feet, so I had to make my own pattern. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
I also crocheted some slippers, and some tall button up  boots. I love the bunny slippers...

I made fourteen t-shirts. They look large in the photo, but they are quite small.

Twelve pairs of pants....

Four baby-doll dresses with matching bloomers...
Seven sleeveless dresses with matching bloomers....
Two long dresses and five pair of shorts...
 I made another scarf, hat and gloves set....

 A leopard jacket and of course, Pom-poms...

 Here is everything I've made... so far... *wink*
To hold all of the clothing I've made, I purchased a large-ish basket with handles on the sides to hold it all. I loved it, but thought it looked a little stark... so I made a liner for it.

Then, I got an idea to make a mattress and pillow for the top of the baskets lid..... Then of course, I had to make a fitted sheet, pillow case and a matching blanket. Ah, much better. I pulled the fitted sheet over the lid of the basket so it looks like a mattress on top of a box spring. The basket is wide enough to hold two of these dolls laying side by side.

Here are my Disney Animator dolls... All of these dolls were rescued dolls. I can look past the dirt and over brushed hair to see the beauty in dolls.
I've only paid a grand total of $9.00 for all four of these dolls. After this party the clothing they are wearing will go to my grand daughter... so I'll have to whip up some new outfits for them to wear. Which should be easy peasy now that I have patterns that fit the dolls. Ah, who am I kidding, they will be laying around naked for weeks because *IT IS WARM OUTSIDE* woot-woot... I'm going outside to play. A.K.A. working in my pirate yard. Aaaarrrggghhhhh~
big hugs,


  1. amazing Cheryl! really amazing! when you get bit by a bug.. it really gets you good! these are all wonderful and your grand daughter is going to love them.
    have a great weekend

  2. Wowzers! You are amazing! Everything is so adorable. Your grand daughter has a very talented grandma. :)

  3. Oh my Cheryl these are fantastic, sorry that you wasted some good fabric but wow you did an amazing job making a whole wonderful wardrobe for these dolls, you are so talented coming up with the patterns, those shoes are too cool and I love those crocheted slippers and boots, you did an amazing job on everything and how wonderful to get the dolls for great prices too! Enjoy your weather, we have been hit with more snow here in Illinois.

  4. Your granddaughter must be over the moon.


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