Upcoming Street Faire

I've got an event coming up in a few short weeks in Old Town Clovis where I'm going to be selling some of my vintage and hand made items--- so I thought it was high time to work on some new display pieces.
I was planning on getting rid of this two tiered vintage shopping cart for awhile now, but  thought I would take one last look at it before putting it up for sale... It was missing some of the woven metal pieces that make up the baskets so I thought it looked pretty ratty. Recently at an antique sale I had seen -just the basket for this shopping cart with a hefty price tag where they had just used heavy gauge wire to recreate the missing pieces. Duh. So, now that I've done that to my baskets I'm in love with it once again. I had previously made fabric liners for the baskets and decided to remake some to match the ruffly table cloth I use at my outdoor selling events.... I found some ruched white fabric so it was easy-peasy to whip up the new inserts for the baskets. Now, I'm smitten with my vintage shopping cart once again.... *swoon*
I was curious about the selling price/value of this shopping cart. I had bought it for $5.00 a few years ago... *score* I found one on Ebay with the asking price of $410.00.... Here is part of what the seller wrote about the shopping cart:
This is a rare find! You are viewing the two wire basket trolley which happens to be the first shopping cart. It is said to be invented by Sylvan Goldman, who owned the chain grocery stores called ‘Piggly-Wiggly’. These carts were developed in the late 1930's for his stores and then later patented in 1940's. Goldman was inspired by the antique folding chairs you see today! 
I would sell mine for $200.... any takers? *laughing*
A few weeks ago I bought a two tiered display piece for $2.00. After painting it white..... you guessed it- I added a ruched liner to it as well. 

I love it...
Now I have to pull out my bins of things I've made and just load everything up.  It is going to be a fun day selling and hanging out with like minded people. A BIG thank you to my friend Diannia for telling me about this event so I could get in on the fun!
big hugs,


  1. You are very welcome...I think...I did want our tables to be by each other but now my displays (just throwing stuff out on the table) are going to stink! LOL Just's all good and maybe I'll up my game a bit...

  2. This is really nice -- I'm glad you kept it. Looks fabulous and it's a wonderful piece! My rolling cart is one from IKEA with three "baskety" containers. Lizzie has taken over the bottom level for her sometimes-bed. It's not nearly as cute as with the baskets (though I suspect she'd take that over, too!)

  3. NICE vintage grocery cart! I happy to hear that you are keeping it!!! Hope your sale goes well.


  4. OH Wow!! Great make overs. I hate to think about that basket cart going to the dump! I used to sell at shows back in the 80s when they were so HUGE in our area and my sales were great. Now you never see them here and I miss being with ladies that love making as much as I do. Hope you will post pics and let us know how it went.
    xx, Carol

  5. The antique grocery cart is adorable! What a great find. Good luck at your show!

  6. Good luck with your sale, I love going to these type of sells!!

  7. This cart is a wonderful find and I do like what you did with it. Hope it sells well.


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