Day of the Dead Jewelry

It is getting to be that time of the year again... November the first is fast approaching.

This year, I am ready...
I've made a lot of little skull pendents... all of which are wearing crowns of gold...
For now they are all resting comfortable in a little box.
Each skull started off beige in color. I had to paint and distress each one then add the rhinestone eyes and create the pendent pins to string everything together. It was a fun although time consuming little project.
I'm needing to find a fun way to display these now that I've finished them. I may just have them in little boxes and attach the necklace separately if purchased... I guess a few hours on Pinterest should help me figure out what I'm going to do.
big hugs,


  1. I never saw a skull I didn't like!! The are the bomb! I absolutely love the way you glitzed them up. I was in heaven the other day when I stopped by Micheal's to find they were just putting up Spookytown and I was able to get selections early which will be gone by mid September. I think yours would make great stick pins too or Lapel pins. Or purse dangles. The options are wide open!!
    xx, Carol

  2. The gems and crowns were great ways to dress them up, always fun to search through Pinterest for ideas, good luck!

  3. If you have a tray that is deep enough or a large shallow bowl, you could set them in sand or rice. It would give some stability so they won't roll around and should show them off. They're great fun!


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