Treasures In Bulk

Even though the temperatures have steadily been over the 100 degree mark, the treasures to be found are out there--- only harder to come by.  I found a tin of buttons and other odds and ends in a dollar box. After sorting through the container, I was happily rewarded with a handful of mother of pearl buttons.
 I also scored on some leather embossing tools. I paid $35.00 for 45 punches....
 Along with boxed sets of the alphabet, animals and a number set.
I also got a LOT of pre-cut leather pieces to start playing around with. There are crosses, stars, bracelets in different sizes, flowers and a huge bag of assorted pieces too. I have never played around with leather.... but I will be shortly!
 I picked up some foam heads for $1.00 that are all dye stained but soon will be sporting a new metal tape covering.
 I got a plastic tote with molds and rubber embossing mats for casting silver clay for $3.00. In total there are over eighty pieces. Now, I just need to send it out into the universe that I am needing to find a steal of a deal on a shoe box full of that very expensive silver clay....
I always gravitate towards old photos.... oh my gosh, these ones are beauts. The box of ephemera and old photos were commingled... while sorting out the two, I discovered this was a ranching family full of cowboys. I got all of this and...
a huge lot of vintage greeting cards for only $3.00.
 I also picked up this new in the package Envelope punch board for $3.00. A lot of the envelopes with the vintage cards have been so discolored over time that they are no longer usable, so finding this was kismit. I've already tried making some envelopes with this product, and I'm smitten~
 I've always wanted a Washi tape dispenser... The dispenser and all of this tape, another $3.00 score.
I think it takes me just as long to find a place to house all of these treasures in my home, as it does in hunting them down.
The struggle is real.
big hugs,


  1. You did get find some bargains! Have fun:)

  2. I used to do leather back in the 70s...REALLY a long time ago. You scored some really great "junk"!. What will you do with those heads? Metal tape? It's going to be interesting to see what you do with all the great things you found.
    xx, Carol

  3. Love the vintage cards. Nice find to make envelopes that will be the right size.

  4. Oh my goodness aren't you ever the lucky girl, I can't get over the great deals you got and all the fun you have ahead of you using all this terrific finds... looks like a great assortment of leather stamping tools and can't get over the price you found the envelope maker and all that washi tape. That is cool with those pictures but it also makes me sad that they didn't stay in the family. Have fun with all your new finds!

  5. are one lucky and efficient thrifty shopper!!! I love it all!!!

  6. Wow, wow, wow, your bargains are making me droooooooooooool! Fan*tas*tic. Thanks for your comment on my tag at Tag Tuesday, made me smile! Hugs, Valerie


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