D.I.Y. Glass Floats

I love-love-love glass netting floats. With that said, I own just ONE glass float-- and even that one is not an authentic one, but a badly made reproduction. I was wanting a lot of them to place amongst all of the fishing nets I have in my pirate backyard.... Whats a girl to do? Why make them yourself of course. Here is the end results:
The faux glass floats were super easy to make. I purchased a bag of plastic Christmas balls for .50¢ and a gray cargo net for $1.00 from our local swap meet. For $1.50 I had all the supplies I was needing to get to work creating the glass floats. 
I pulled the cargo net tightly around each plastic Christmas ball and hot glued it in place and then simply cut away the extra netting.
Around the area where the netting was hot glued to each ball, I covered it with some gray felt circles. This serves two purposes, to cover the hot mess of the glued area and to help keep the area intact as it sits in my backyard in extreme heat.
Here you can see where I've added a few of the newly made netting floats to one small area in my backyard. I could have used clear glass balls-- but I wanted to have little pops of color that will really show up, especially at night time.
My grandaughter's Girl Scout troop is again going to be having a Halloween party in my pirate backyard this year. I'm having fun tweaking areas in my yard to make things extra special for her party.
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  1. If there's a way to make something and save money, I know you will figure it out. The kids will have a great party in your backyard.

  2. You are so unbelievably clever it never ceases to amaze me. Very nice!

  3. I totally agree with Jeannie (above)! You do the most amazing things! Love it! I may do some for myself to put on my mermaid mantle.

  4. You are so very creative with your decorating, what a great look for $1.50 you have out done yourself.... Oh the kids are going to just love having their party at your place, how fun!!

  5. Oh gosh, who even KNEW there was such a thing as glass floats? You net looks great. A perfectly added touch!!
    xx, Carol

  6. Very beautiful! You are so talented and creative ♥


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