Summer Fun

When I'm inside my house, my puppy Akira gets lonely... she often tries to peek inside the house -through the shutters to see where I'm at... awe, what a sweetie.

She is really enjoying the summer playing in our pool, well sitting with her feet in the pool with her rump on the pool deck. I'm afraid she picked this up from me--- as I'm not a big fan of swimming. *wink* She has grown a lot since this photo was taken.
Actually, Akira prefers her little pool over the big pool-- something she can run in-through-and-out-of as she runs laps in the yard.
Often I find her trying to grab the plastic molded fish at the bottom of the pool... She is really good at holding her breath under water. Then she stops and calmly waits for them to taunt her again, then she goes all crazy to get them....
When she realizes that they are not coming up for air, she resorts to hauling a number of toys into her pool. This little gray stuffed dog almost met an untimely death.....
 Akira brought it to the edge of the pool and then flung it out. I was concerned it would no longer makes the farting noise when squeezed.... it still works.
I tell ya, nothing will scare the ba-gee-bees out of you faster than that farting noise at 1:00 in the morning when your waiting for your dog to go potty so you can bring her back inside...
Here is a picture of Akira and her beloved plastic chicken. She will fling that chicken left and right, and heaven help you if your close by--- it hurts when it connects with your legs! The good news is that the chicken, thanks to Akira, is now legless-- so it isn't as far reaching when she starts flinging it around!
I don't know what to expect this upcoming winter with this huge moose of a dog, but I'm sure an adventure is right around the corner with this one!
big hugs,


  1. She is so cute and getting soooo big...can it be from those treats you give her???

  2. Well... she isn't "fat" she is just a BIG dog. She will be fat eventually I'm sure, I'm thinking that will slow her down a bit-- so it's all good!

  3. How fun!! We have two dogs...a Boxer and A Pit Bull/Boxer Mix. The Boxer--Tyson--plays nice with his toys. But Boscoe, who we call The Boss is not so nice. He tears up anything that is remotely a toy. We bought them one of those wading pools and he dragged it around the yard. Never ONCE went in it to play. He'll go in the creek and in our fish pond but will no play in a pool.

    Loved seeing your pooch have a good time.
    xx, Carol

  4. She is so darned adorable! How she loves that water! Yes, winter could be a trick -- but tons of fun!

  5. They are endless hours of fun aren't they, I can't believe how fast they grow though, but are still puppies at heart!!


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