Whooooooooo is selling Girl Scout cookies? My grandaughter, that's whoooooo~
Next month is the start of Girl Scout cookie sales for my grandaughter's Brownie troop. Every year she sells over 1,000 boxes of cookies!

I thought it would be cute for my grandaughter to pass out OWL coffee cup cozies along with a note advertising that if they would like to purchase some Girl Scout Cookies, that she had some for sale! I made a bunch of these owl cup cozies for her to pass out to some of the teachers and staff at her elementary school.

 You can't see it to well in these photos, but the little owls have an eyebrow that is 3 dimensional.
 They fit nicely over a coffee cup...
 I packaged up each coffee cup cozy with a label at the top proclaiming she has cookies for sale... and her room number *wink*.... (her last name and classroom number have been removed in this photo below) On the flip side of each package, I added a list of the Girl Scout cookies that they are selling this year. This of course should help those that are not familiar with which cookies are being offered.
 It was fun to dabble with a crochet hook again. With this colder weather upon us--- I just want to sit in front of my little heater and not move!
big hugs,


  1. If she isn't best salesperson in her troop something is seriously wrong! If she was local, I'd buy from her! (Even without the cozy but that would clinch the deal!)

  2. absolutely the best Nana ever!!!!

  3. wow, you have been busy, those are just the cutest and such a clever idea, those kids are so lucky to have such a talented Grandmother, great design too!! We have a couple kids at our church that sell to us :)

  4. Ohhh this is such a great idea!!!! You are so cleaver. I want to see photos or your pirate backyard and know more about your skull making.

  5. Oh your blog is so fun!!!! thank you so much for visiting my blog! I see your word is 'change' for the new year! I know it can be a good word! I LOVE those owls!!! Sorry about all the exclamation points...... :)

  6. What a clever idea! I really like the cozy. I hope your grand daughter gets lots of sales this year. Thanks for visiting my blog, and yes a quilt in cats and dogs would be perfect too! :) Kit

  7. Those owl cosies are wonderful! Good luck to your granddaughter. I hope she sells lots of cookies :)

  8. Oh are GOOD! They should hire you for advertising...and pay you! Very cute!


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